A Stroll Down Memory Lane: 2004 Strong Medicine Episode

OK, so you mayyyy have noticed that I mayyyy have found myself with a little unscheduled time over the weekend, and I mayyyy have spent that time in the company of a very, very old box of DVDs and a DVD ripper. I haven’t had an actual DVD-playing computer in years, so this was the first time I’d seen all of this stuff in forever – and my kids, having never before seen their mom acting quite so bizarre, were RAPT.

You can see clips from the OG “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” pilot (the one that was shot before I was replaced; I don’t think it was ever aired anywhere, hashtag petebestoftv) over on my Instagram, and this episode of Strong Medicine was just too good not to leave right here.

I mean…what is even happening? I have, like, no words.

P.S. Want to see more retro clips?! I present to you my Clean & Clear commercial, YooHoo commercial, random techno music video, and Frosted Flakes commercial. There’s oh, so much more. I have more mortifying old footage than you can possibly imagine, and will I share it all? I WILL.

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