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I finally read enough glowing reviews of The Amazon Coat (actually an Orolay coat that for various – and entirely legitimate – reasons is apparently one of most-sold-ever things on Amazon), and bought one to keep me moving on chilly Malibu mornings…and yes. It is 100% worth the hype. SUPER cozy, great-looking, well-made, and confusingly affordable. I like the yellow and red, but there are lots of far more normal colors, too.

“What we think we know about happiness is just plain wrong.” Well I’m SO GLAD SOMEONE TOLD ME; I FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW. (Feel Happier With The Latest Advice, via Shape.)

Alice & Olivia is having an INSANE sale on their absolutely perfect hi-rise bellbottom jeans.

So many marriages could have been saved. Alas. (How To Load A Dishwasher Correctly: The Definitive Guide, via HuffPo.)

I just loved this profile of Larry David so much. (The Incredibly Happy Life of TV’s Favorite Grouch, via GQ.)

“Kids should have no expectation of privacy on devices given to them by their parents.” I know this is a potentially controversial one, but I agree 1000%. I will take that phone from you any day, at any time, with zero warning, and that is how it’s going to go. (I Monitor My Teens’ Electronics, and You Should Too, via Wired.)

I have it on excellent authority that this inexpensive drugstore brand makes the BEST firming neck and chest cream.

I was discussing this article with Margo last night, and we both agreed that it’s just such a phenomenal idea…and one that, unfortunately, many of us only realize is phenomenal once we’ve already gone far down the more traditional road. (Why Some Moms Are Co-Parenting With A BFF, via Marie Claire.)

Because life can be hard, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch all of these clips. Ryan Gosling, oh my god. (21 Times Things Went Hilariously Wrong On ‘Saturday Night Live,’ via Buzzfeed.)

alchemie kantic brightening moisture mask

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alchemie’s Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask. I’ve been wearing it as a sleep mask every night (part of my new Big Girl routine), and it is transformative. My skin is calmer, more even, dramatically less red, and and soft like a bebe.

TL;DR: No shawarma wraps. (The Completely Correct Guide To Eating and Drinking On A Plane, via Washington Post.)

I’ve been thinking a lot – and this merits its own post – about the pros and cons of my kids’ having moved several times already. I was already committed to staying put for the foreseeable future – at least until they graduate – and this article cemented that commitment, big time. (The Outsize Influence Of Your Middle-School Friends, via The Atlantic.)

Just re-ordered Sirena + The Sea’s Bronze Stacking Rings – they’re the absolute best I’ve found. (I had a stack a few years ago but they sort of dripped off into the ether over time, and I only have one left now. This is not acceptable, hence the re-order.)

This article is important. (Perspective: The Stories We Tell About Kobe Bryant, via Washington Post.)

Today in Fashion Headlines That Made Me Laugh. (The Risky Shoe Trend Taking the Place of Basic Booties, via Who What Wear.)

All about the new Off-Facebook Activity Tool, and how to make it work for you. (How To Delete What Facebook Knows Of Your Life Outside Facebook, via Vox.)

jordan reid big fat activity book for pregnant people

You still have a couple of days to enter this Galentine’s Day IG contest with Taavi Village – it includes The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People, super-fancy yoga attire, a Sephora gift card, and more fun stuff!

This is everything. (27 Pictures From the 2000s That Will Make Millennials Say ‘I’m Laughing Because I Thought That Was Normal,’ via Buzzfeed.)

Did you see this? You should see this. I’m very confused. (Inside Kim and Kanye’s Boundary-Defying Los Angeles Home, via Architectural Digest.)

I’m thisclose to investing in a wig for appearances and such, just because…I don’t know, they look so great! And seem so easy. This article explains the cultural shifts that resulted in the recent explosion of the trend. ( via Dazed.)

I’m juuuuuust on the Millennial side of Gen X (born in 1981), but this article resonated with me so hard. (For Many Gen Xers, Middle Age Is Exhausting, via Oprah Mag.)

This article cracked me up, because I have totally dated people who live in these exact places. (After the Marriage Stories, L.A.’s Go-To Divorce Buildings, via Hollywood Reporter.)

three piece patio set white and dark brown

A full tour of my outdoor area – custom-styled by our own Audrey Scheck – is coming up, but in the meantime: This is where I eat dinner now. Swoon.

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