There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

Now that is a glamorous image.

Alright, we need to talk about last week’s interview on Between The Likes. Unfortunately, what we need to talk about is not its subject matter – and I say “unfortunately” because I do think some very interesting topics were covered, including the dangers of the “having it all” culture we find ourselves in today, why I hate Instagram (HATE IT), and my inability to stop writing about inappropriate subjects – plus lots of other stuff.

But I can’t focus on our conversation. You will likely unable to be unable to focus, either. Because you will be confused by my head.


The fuck.

Is happening.

The worst part: I WORKED on that hair! I got up early! I French-twisted! And sure, then I got in the car and drove for an hour and a half and rushed into a studio and went on camera with barely a glance in a mirror, but STILL.

How did that even HAPPEN?

The best part: It doesn’t just stay a single version of bad. Oh no, my hair in this video has iterations. It evolves. Over the course of twenty minutes, it somehow manages to fall both downward and out, releasing select bits and pieces in the most awkward configuration possible, ultimately resulting in a sort of man-bun/bird’s nest amalgam that makes for truly uncomfortable viewing.

…At least my shirt stayed buttoned? (Kinda.)

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