The 10 Products You Loved The Most In 2019

OK, so I’m not really a “shopping” site, per se. Which means when I recommend something, it’s almost always because I REALLY SERIOUSLY need you to know about it. (IN ALL CAPS.) But I wasn’t sure what to expect when I checked my 2019 affiliate link analytics to see which products were actually the most popular. Would y’all have actually…you know…listened to me?

Ohhhh, you listened. You really listened.

In the video up there I walk you through the 10 most-loved products in 2019, and below is a roundup of links to the products themselves.

The Products (And Posts) I Mention In this Video:

  1. A TRTL pillow. Read my full review of this amazingness here.
  2. A solar water fountain pump. We’re going to call this one an outlier (or The Pinterest Effect), but you can read my tutorial for how to DIY your own solar water fountain here.
  3. These super-cozy booties.
  4. No-show black socks. Read about my strategy for hating your sock drawer less here.
  5. My three top books of the year: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone, Three Women, and Fleishman Is In Trouble(The posts I reference in that part of the video are this one, about my wildly melodramatic summertime breakup, and this one, about divorce.)
  6. Anthony Bourdain’s Appetites.
  7. A Zoonicorn. And also Target’s amaaaaazing American Girl knockoff situation.
  8. Perfect sandals that come in bazillions of great colors.
  9. Mah fabulous nails. Read about why I am a full-on press-on nutjob here.
  10. And finally…this. Omg the fact that so many of you own this makes me so happy. I have officially don’t you all a mitzvah.
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