The Ramshackle Glam BFF Holiday Gift Guide

When I first started blogging – during the Wild West years – it was a time when bloggers were virtually showered with swag. Everything from champagne to deodorant arrived on my doorstep – unsolicited – on the regular, and every time my fellow blogger friends and I attended an “event”, we were sent off with bags overflowing with moisturizers and chocolates and sunglasses and what have you. See, brands were still trying to figure out how to harness this newfangled thing called “social media,” and the initial plan was apparently to throw their stuff at the wall and see what stuck. In other words, for the relatively low cost of wholesale product, they hoped that they’d get what amounted to free coverage (at least relative to what they’d pay for traditional media).

This was obviously REALLY fun in the beginning. Overwhelming, even. But honestly? Over time, another lip gloss in your mailbox just stops being exciting, and starts being just another thing you don’t need. What this meant: I became the actual best gift-giver on Planet Earth, sifting through my stash for the just-right gifts for everyone in my life – gifts, suffice it to say, that I would never, ever have been able to afford all on my lonesome.

Now, the industry shifted several years ago towards a more traditional pay-for-play approach – as did my personal business model, wherein I only accept product from clients I’m contracted to work with or otherwise intend to review for the site – but the fact that I love giving my friends gifts: That stayed. There’s just nothing like it.

Which is all to say that gift guides are some of my favorite posts to write of the year, and this one may be my favorite-favorite.

Go forth, and gift your girls.


Pillowpia French Market Bag

I adore Pillowpia’s throw pillows – this ochre pom-pom one in particular, which is presently sitting on my couch – but for a best-friend gift, you can’t beat this sweet market tote. It comes in a bunch of different colors, and is just $19.


Piecework "Disco Queen" 1000-Piece Puzzle

I became obsessed with puzzles – a.k.a. The Ultimate Mind Vacation – a few years back, and cannot get over how fresh and fun and gorgeous Piecework’s puzzles are. The Disco Queen is on my own personal wishlist, but all of them are spectacular.


Papers + Ink Tie-Dye Rolling Papers Set

This gift box (which comes in lots of different styles; I’m just partial to the tie-dye) comes with 12 rolling papers printed with non-toxic, vegetable-based colors, 12 ultra-premium filters, an herbal grinder with precision diamond teeth, and a solid-metal, USB-rechargable coil lighter.


Herschel Supply Co. x Basquiat HS6 Backpack

Herschel backpacks are the actual best – lightweight and functional and reasonably priced – and their new collection featuring Jean Michel Basquiat artwork is next-level.


BaubleBar Earring Stack Builder

Customize your gift by selecting three different earring styles…for just $48.


The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

What’s that, you say? You have a friend who’s pregnant?

Here is what you shall get them.


Verse & Vine Wine

This is the wine I bring whenever I go to someone’s house for dinner – it’s sourced from Paso Robles and Monterey, and each bottle features a sweet, poetic toast right there on the label.


Skeem Design Offering Bowl

Pair this stoneware bowl with a jar of sustainably sourced Palo Santo – the musky scent wards off bad energy and cleanses the body, mind, and home.


NiteCap Cleopatra Silk Nightcap

This washable silk nightcap reduces frizz, keeps your hair away from your face (and your pores)…and extends the life of your blowout.


After Dinner Amusements Games

I keep a couple of boxes of After Dinner Amusements on my coffee table, and they’re so fun – instant conversation lull-stopper.


Skeem Design Match Cloche

An “Oprah’s Favorite Thing”…and also one of mine: These hand-blown cloches hold 8” fireplace matches and double as both a functional household item and a gorgeous work of art.


Glacce Smoky Quartz Water Bottle

I don’t quite understand this. And yet I am absolutely certain that it is amazing. Basically, this bottle lets you “charge your water” with “crystal-infused energy.” Or something.

Whatever; it’s so neat. And is also available in rose quartz, fluorite, amethyst, clear quartz, and obsidian.

P.S. The site I linked to has these bottles for half of what they go for on goop, Net-A-Porter, etc.


The Redstone Psych Test

Based on long-forgotten psychiatric tests, three different games offer revelations about important relationships, insights into feelings about family, and interpretations of moods.

So much cheaper than a therapist!


Bardot Bow Silk Head Scarf

These can be used in a bazillion different ways, and come in a bazillion different colors (or, okay, eight). I’m into the gold.


Moulin Roty Les Valises Sewing Kit

This kit created by a French boutique children’s clothier is both wildly useful – it includes five reams of wool, tape measure, scissors, wooden knitting needles, a crochet needle, and instructions in a vintage-style carrying case – and adooooooooorable. Technically for kids, I suppose, but I love it for an apartment-dweller with limited space.


Etre Bien Self-Love Ritual Kit

This beautiful kit includes skin-softening Rose Quartz Body Elixir, soothing Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Essence, heart-opening Rose Quartz Bath Potion, and a heart-shaped Rose Quartz crystal (keep it in the fridge; I use my rose quartz roller daily and it makes a huge difference in terms of facial poof).


Smallwood Home Custom Framed Signs

Clean, modern, and customizable with any word or phrase that you want.

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