Just A Few Lovely Fall Fragrances

Ulli x Kahina Giving Beauty Candle

A friend of mine once stopped by without warning, and entered my house only to point at the candle I had burning on my desk. “You,” she said, “are the only person I know who actually lights candles when you’re just sitting at home by yourself.”

That cannot be true. …Doesn’t everybody keep candles lit at all times?

Anyway, they should. Especially in the fall. To that end, I hunted around for the best seasonal home scents – all with a distinctly warm, autumnal vibe, plus an unexpected little twist.

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Field + Fleur Bourbon & Oak Candle

If you like foodie candle scents, this is your jam (hee): It smells like baking cookies in the forest.


Ulli x Kahina Giving Beauty Taroudant Candle

The Taroudant candle pays tribute to the spirit of the Berber women who work to harvest the oils used by eco-friendly beauty brand Kahina, and comes in a gorgeous, reusable handmade ceramic jar. The scent has a Neroli base, with Laurel, Basil and Rosemary, and is lovely and wintry, with a slightly herbal element that freshens it up.


Urban Apothecary Smoked Leather Candle

The best way I can describe this scent is to say “expensive incense.” (Like, as opposed to the $2 stuff you buy in bulk on the street in NYC.) It’s musky, with top notes of suede and saffron, but lightened up by a touch of vetiver.


Vancouver Vita Candle

If you like your home scents a touch on the fruity side, you’ll love this. The top notes are fig, vetiver and cedar, so it’s like a bright summer candle that’s put on a cozy winter coat.


Koto Scandianavisk Candle

If you like amber scents (as I do), buy this immediately. It’s woodsy and sexy, with a touch of vanilla. I would like my entire life (and self) to smell like this candle.


Skeem Designs Lemon & Oak Candle

I’ve written before about how to scent each room of your house…and for winter, this is the scent for your kitchen. Tea, lemongrass, citrus –  but made warm and cozy with the addition of amber.


Vancouver Great Lakes Candle

Aaaaand here is this year’s Christmas Candle. This sweet fern, blackberry and white oak-scented candle is like the holiday season in smell form. (I know, I have a way with words.)

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