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8 Unique DIY Costume Ideas For Kids


For the full duration of my trick-or-treating years – we’re talking 3-13 – my mother crafted my costumes entirely by hand. They ranged from the truly extraordinary (a hand-stitched cancan dancer costume with multicolored ruffles that required multiple trips to visit a sewing-machine-having family friend in New Jersey) to the slightly phoned-in (a Cher costume that was basically a piece of sparkly fabric and a fright wig), but I cherished them. I cherish them still; many of those old costumes are now parked in my kids’ costume box, and are just as serviceable as they were back in the day.

Things made by hand have a tendency to do that: they last.

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I am simultaneously sad about and relieved by the fact that kids these days (“kids these days”!! I’m so old) don’t want homemade Halloween costumes. There was something grand – even heroic – about the fact that despite having no particular interest in crafting and exactly zero time to spare, what with her whole “being a lawyer” thing, my mother just rustled up her reserves and knocked it out of the park, year after year. And even when she didn’t – see: the aforementioned Cher costume – it was still the only costume of its kind out there. It was mine. Made by my mom. I loved that.

I think it’s safe to say that I have a soft spot in my heart for the odd handmade costume. Alas, my son is planted firmly in the “MOOOOMMMM I just want THE OFFICIAL WOLVERINE COSTUME from THE STORE” years…but my daughter simply loves dressing up. As anything. And everything. And sees absolutely no distinction – yet – between a costume that was bought and a costume that was made.

I’m hoping she sees the distinction one of these days. …Because those costumes that were made? They’re just for her.

Which brings me to this:

My daughter wanted to be Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice for Halloween. This makes me so proud, I cannot even tell you.

lydia Deetz Beetlejuice halloween costume

“I myself am…strange and unusual.”

Yes. Girl, yes.

If you, too, can convince your child to be Lydia Deetz for Halloween, a) Congratulations, and b) Here’s what you need:

  • Black dress (preferably long, but work with what you’ve got)
  • Black boots
  • Black jacket or shawl (I lent her my own black bolero)
  • Wide-brimmed black hat
  • White face paint or powder
  • Grey or brown eyeshadow
  • The Handbook for the Recently Deceased (you can buy one on Amazon, because you can buy everything on Amazon, but I decided to just draw the cover myself, then paste my drawing onto a book we already owned).

To this look, I’d also add black tights and a toy camera – those are on the way for The Big Night.

diy lydia deetz from Beetlejuice costume diy lydia deetz from Beetlejuice costumediy lydia deetz from Beetlejuice costumediy lydia deetz from Beetlejuice costume

For best results, just add brother.

More adorable handmade costume ideas below!


SpongeBob SquarePants

My friend Erin and I made a totally awesome Spongebob Squarepants costume for the price of some mattress foam and a little glue. This one is still in our personal DIY Hall of Fame.


Carl from Up

Grab some balloons, glasses, PVC pipe and a bowtie and cardigan, and float away on the happiness of knowing you made a costume everyone is going to freak out over.


Ball Of Yarn

Nobody else is going to be dressed like a ball of yarn this Halloween. So there you go.


Planets (Jupiter, Specifically)

Gold and glitter and….hula hoops.


Baby Birkin

Alright, wherever you fall on the spectrum of Birkins (or babies, or babies with Birkins), you have to admit: This is hi-larious.



Because costumes based on food are the best kinds of costumes. And donuts are the best kind of food. The end.


Stick Figure

Easy; funny; done.



Madeline. The adorablenessis almost too much to bear.

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