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I’m going to do one of Paintillio’s custom paint-by-numbers pieces as a form of art therapy, and am considering this as the pic to use. I posted a few other contenders – plus some thoughts on the pure vanity/pure awesomeness of painting yourself – over on IG, and would be curious to hear your thoughts.

This article about Al Franken’s exit from the Senate is an essential read – not to mention an extraordinary work of journalism. (The Case Of Al Franken, via The New Yorker.)


Glow-in-the-dark live-action group games for all ages, in which you battle as wizards and werewolves and stuff. Words actually cannot describe how pumped I am to give these a go. Also my son’s October birthday party just planned itself.

Sudden-onset alopecia – yes, that exists – is a condition I’m intimately acquainted with, but women lose their hair to varying degrees for any number of reasons. And the extent to which people (men included) associate their hair with their identity makes this an enormously painful situation to deal with. It’s time we stop making such a big deal of it. (Embracing Hair Loss (video), via ATTN.)

Who, exactly, would not want a neon diamanté beach dress for $42? Nobody, that’s who.

These are the big questions. (No, but seriously.) (Is Seltzer Water Just as Hydrating as Regular Water, via Food Network.)

This taxi driver coaching a woman through giving birth in his car is an actual national treasure. Watch the video on 108 KMEL here.

Super-cool new discovery: Waft, a service that uses your personal preferences to craft a completely one-of-a-kind customized perfume (you can name it, choose the packaging, everything). I just ordered my own, and will report back shortly.

I mean…this is shady. Right? (Amid Teen Vaping Epidemic, Juul Taps Addiction Expert As Medical Director, via Kaiser Health News.)

kirkwood california

Strongly suggest you check out my IG highlights about the girls’ weekend I just went on. I fall so. Many. Times.

“Even now I hear the words as shameful: Thirsty. Needy. The worst things a woman can be. Some days I still tell myself to take what is offered, because if it isn’t enough, it is I who wants too much. I am ashamed to be writing about this instead of writing about the whooping cranes, or literal famines, or any of the truer needs of the world.” Please read this story. It is one of the most beautiful – and crushing, and honest – first-person pieces I’ve read in a long, long time. (The Crane Wife, via The Paris Review.)

These Adidas for Pride sneakers are wonderful.

Actually lol-ing at Alec and Billy Baldwin’s reactions to Ireland Baldwin’s sexy pics on IG (via Buzzfeed).

Yeah, well. …Shall we fix it? (“Climate Grief”: Fears About The Planet’s Future Weigh On Americans’ Mental Health, via Kaiser Health News.)

I would just like to say that two years ago, I told Francesca I wanted to buy this bag on The Real Real because I thought it was old enough to feel new again, and she said oh god, no, that bag is terrible and is never coming back. And that was the one time in my life that she was wrong and I was right, and I will continue to remind her of that fact On. Her. Deathbed. (Your Favorite Bag From the ’90s Is Staging A Comeback, via The Cut.)

Summer 2019 apparently has “a controversial sandal.” THIS is the news we need right now. (Also you know I clicked over this article as fast as my little fingers could fly.) (First Kim, Now Kendall Jenner Is Stepping Out In Summer’s Most Controversial Sandal, via Vogue.)

Cue the natural selection. (Instagram Influencers Flocking To Toxic Bright Blue Lake As Government Warns “Stay Away,” via People.)

This is the most wonderful video. (Manta Ray In Distress Helped By Divers, via BBC News.)

If you’ve seen Midsommar – officially in my top five horror movies of all time, and mayyyyybe even Number One (really) – you have to read this article on what it’s like to watch it on edibles. I am dying. (Should You See Midsommar High? via The Cut.)

Storyworth gives a loved one weekly prompts for stories for a year, and then binds them into a hardcover book. …Most beautiful gift ever?

Zara wide brim striped beach hat

So very. (Hat from Zara.)

Could not possibly be more obsessed with Tamara Mellon’s entire line of shoes. Mostly these flats and these boots. Omg.

Co-sign on the mini ice cream cones. (21 New Trader Joe’s Products We’re Obsessed With Right Now, via Food52.)

I’m fully aware of the fact that my character dies five minutes into any horror movie – probably because all the other characters know that I will clearly die, and use me as bait – but glad these people have faith in themselves. (18 Horror Movies People Believe They Could 100% Live Through With No Problems, via Buzzfeed.)

Onesies are lovely, but what a new mom really needs during those first few weeks is support. (Why We Should Ditch Baby Showers For A Postpartum Party, via Scary Mommy.)

This woman is my hero. (Woman Soaks White Jumpsuit in Red Wine After A Spill, via The Cut.)

The New York Post: killing it with the journalism, per usual. (Woman Plans To Marry 91-Year-Old Chandelier Named Lumiere.)

Just a reminder.

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