Let’s Do This: Cave Of Wonders Fifth Birthday Party

OK, so I know I literally just – like, just – wrote about how I’m *over* entertaining. But one of the great joys in my life these past few years has been going all-in with the kids’ birthday parties. Last year we moved to LA only a couple of weeks before my son’s birthday, so I gave myself a pass with that one…but my daughter is about to turn five and all the girl wants in life is a ridiculously cool birthday cake.

And so a ridiculously cool birthday cake is what she’s (hopefully) going to get.

A ridiculously cool birthday cake, however, requires a theme. So far we’ve done mermaids, Moana, and rainbows, all of which my daughter suggested doing again…but come on. This is an OPPORTUNITY.

So you know what this year’s theme is going to be?


Or, more specifically, Aladdin. But there will be no plastic Will Smiths hanging around this fiesta; the plan is to lean into the whole gems-and-jewels theme.

So let’s do a little inspo. And if you guys have any suggestions – especially for The Cake – will you let me know??

how to make candy geodes

Homemade. Candy. Geodes. YES.

gems and jewels theme birthday cake

I cannot make this. But perhaps a version of it.

gems and jewels themed partygems and jewels birthday party

I feel like this could be such cute craft projects for the kids to help out with – or even do at the party.

gems and jewels birthday partygems and jewels birthday party

Party favors, hi.

gems and jewels birthday partygems and jewels birthday partygems and jewels birthday party

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