Five Right-This-Moment Objects Of Obsession

Peruvian vintage frazada pillow

Peruvian Vintage Frazada Pillows

I just ordered a few of these one-of-a-kind pillows for my couch, and think they’re spectacular. They’re made from vintage frazadas – durable wool fabrics hand-woven by the Aymara people, an indigenous nation located in the Andes. They’re dyed using natural pigments created from plants and insects, and are all woven freehand into one-of-a-kind patterns. You can find them transformed into pillows (as shown here), rugs, wall hangings, blankets, and furniture coverings – but if you’re in the market for pillows, you have to check out Moon Water Co.’s selection.

Related: Moon Water is running a dustbag buy-back program, where you can send in your old dust bags for recycling and receive a $10 credit to use on the site.

mimish storage beanbag faux fur

So, remember The Best Beanbag In The World? The one I killed?

I am still sad about it.

But at least two new beanbags have come into our lives, and they have built-in storage (!), so in addition to being glorious chairs they are also little housecleaners. (The one in my daughter’s room is Himlayan faux-fur and would totally work in a non-kid space.)


woolrich literary fox parka

It is July, and I have no business being obsessed with a jacket. And yet. (And because it is July and no one has any business being obsessed with jackets, Woolrich is having a warehouse sale of up to 50% off. Meaning maybe you should get obsessed, too.)


static nails faux coffin shape press on

I did not know that coffin-shaped nails were a thing, because obviously I am derelict in my Kardashian-watching duties and also because I am An Old, but now I am alllll about them.

Can I type with them? Or text with them? Or perform any job- or parenting-related functions with them? I cannot. But I do not care, because they are FABULOUS.

peepers reading glasses

On the much-less-cool end of the spectrum: I have become one of those people who wears drugstore reading glasses (Peepers, specifically). I have finally accepted the fact that without them, I can’t really see, but continue to be wholly incapable of keeping track of where my glasses are. These are like twenty bucks each, which means I can pepper them throughout my car, home, and person…and it doesn’t hurt that they’re surprisingly cute.

Aaaaand there you go. My right-this-moment objects of obsession.

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