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I have located the perfect black string bikini: this top with this bottom. (Size up with the top; I wear a size large and it juuuust fits.)

Oh Jaysus. (Instagram Model Deletes Account After Comparing Her Life To A Balinese Rice Farmer’s, via Insider.)

Utterly obsessed with this ring style.

I’m currently at my Aunt Trudy’s house in Canada, and FYI she is the most extraordinary Tarot card reader (and offers online readings).

Cool, cool. (Horns Are Growing On Young Person’s Skulls; Phone Usage Is To Blame, Studies Suggest, via Washington Post.)

This piece floored me, and I didn’t know I was still capable of being floored. (Donald Trump, My Attacker, And Other Hideous Men, via The Cut.)

I mean…Death Becomes Her. Obviously. (Meryl Streep Is 70! Which Of Her Characters Is Your Top Choice For Her Best Role Ever? via E! Online.)

This series just keeps getting better. (Toy Story 4 Is Warped, Weird, and Better For It, via GQ.)

zara leopard silk midi skirt

My midi skirts make me so happy. (Also these shoes – in the Camel Nubuck shade – are PERFECT, and soooo much more comfortable than you’d think.)

Today in “No shit, Sherlock.” (Women Working Longer Hours, Sleeping Less, As They Juggle Commitments, via WSJ.)

I bought a pair of Kenneth Cole’s Pride sandals because of a shoe emergency (Doc Martens are wonderful; they are also not for wearing on epically long hikes around New York City), and they’ve barely left my feet since.

Want to be happy? Here you go. (Cudi the French Bulldog Lets Nothing Stop Him From Living His Best Life, via Time.)

“Chocolate desserts are overrated,” and other unexpected – yet accurate, IMO – declarations. (13 Food Network Staffers Share VERY Unpopular Food Opinions, via Food Network.)

Running your finger along the grooves in the wall! Giving yourself a “shot” with your pencil! FEELINGS. (29 Extremely Specific Things Everyone Did In Elementary School You Definitely Forgot About, via Buzzfeed.)

jordan reid ramshackle glam laura Ashley

My thoughts on kid-friendly decorating, personal style, and quilts are in this Q&A over on Laura Ashley.

My earring look, lately: super-simple mid-sized (not massive) gold hoops.

Dyyyyying to try the Mirror. Have you heard about this? Have you tried it?! TELL ME EVERYTHING.

Can bars survive without…alcohol? Curious to hear your thoughts on this one. (People Are Sick Of Drinking, And Investors Are Betting On the ‘Sober Curious,’ via CNN.)

Currently living in this $20 sweatshirt.

I have always wondered what is up with the bells, and now I need wonder no more. (15 Fun Trader Joe’s Secrets You May Not Have Known, via Food52.)

ledge lounger Adirondack chairs

If you are looking for me this summer, these Adirondack chairs are where you will find me. (Those are Cactus Silk pillows by Moonwater, and I use them everrrrywhere.)

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