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Suuuuper in love with my daughter’s Verloop pom-pom pillow and Mimish Himalayan faux fur beanbag (which HAS STORAGE IN IT). It appears the feeling is mutual.

Contemplating wearing this (with the matching pants) to my high school reunion next weekend. Y/N?

There are actual conspiracy theories about this influencer and I am SO HERE for the drama. (Twitter Is Going Wild After This Influencer With Over 2 Million Followers Couldn’t Sell 36 T-Shirts, via Buzzfeed.)

It’s beach towel season! The Beach People’s are the cutest, and this style is the cutest of them all.

The Dennis Quaid thirst is real. (Introducing The Hot Dad Matrix, via GQ.)

…And now I need to go to Ethiopia. (Breakfast Around the World: How Different Countries Start Their Day, via CNN.)

Bye, bib necklaces. (Thank god.) (Sorry, These 9 Jewelry Trends Are Officially Out, via Who What Wear.)

 These denim shorts are silly-expensive, but they’re also really good (and 40% off, which eases the pain).

Ten-second Aladdin review: Will Smith is not Robin Williams. Like at all. The end.

Ay, Reformation’s summer sandals are cute.

best old school doc Martens

Francesca gave me old-school Docs for my birthday and I’ve taken them off as little as possible in the days since.

I love this. (Fraternities Can Push Boys Toward a Terrible Sort of Masculinity – Or Help Them Resist It, via The Atlantic.)

Cute! And engagement not necessary. (The Unexpected Engagement Ring Shape That’s Taking Over, via Who What Wear.)

This is my actual favorite thing I have ever seen. (Zoo Gorilla Gives Herself the Sweetest Gift by Giving Birth to Adorable Baby on Mother’s Day, via People.)

Somehow, this article made me want to try Spam. I am, however, going to resist this particular impulse. (Asian American Chefs Are Embracing Spam, via Time.)

Slay. (Selena Gomez Deliberately Dressed Like ’90s Jennifer Aniston, and Nailed Her Iconic Look, via InStyle.)

Best leave-in conditioner EVER.

SUPER into these, and am absolutely getting one next time I find myself in Brooklyn. (The Latest Instagram Jewelry Craze: Bracelets You Can’t Take Off, via Vox.)

Essential information. (How To Build A Personal Brand Without Being A Dick, via GQ.)

zara midi skirt doc Martens

See?! The Docs again, with another current (and surprising) new staple: a silk midi skirt.

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