Bits Of My Body

Whenever I write for sites other than this one right here – and especially when the topics are less “Ten Things To Wear For Summer!” and more “Here Are My Greatest Fears As A Woman/Parent/Human” – it feels like I’m sending little bits of my body out into the universe for people to do with as they will.

It is scary. I do it anyway, because over the years I’ve discovered that doing anything else isn’t really an option for me.

On Tuesday, three new articles of mine went live, coinciding with the launch of The Big Activity Book for Anxious People, and they’re…personal. Pieces of me, and so on.

I thought you might like to check them out.

omni resort rancho las palmas splashtopia

On Romper: What I Want My Kids To Know About Anxiety

It is important to me that they know that I am strong, but equally important that they know that I am flawed. I am both of these things, which means that they can be, too.

On Newsweek.com: How I Stop The Anxiety Cycle

Remember that anxiety actually serves a biological function. Anxious people, for example, are far more prepared for an alien takeover/bird ambush/EF5 tornado than the average bear. And if you live in certain states, your diagnosis may even score you a prescription for weed! Lucky you.

jordan reid the big activity book for anxious people

On Mashable: How I Learned To Be My Authentic Self Online

It is a strange experience, to suddenly have your life become a topic of conversation for total strangers, and to get to read those conversations whenever you want (usually from your bed at 2am, when you’re having a particularly masochistic evening).

It makes you feel like people care, like you’re being seen.

It is intoxicating. Until it isn’t.

And of course, you can read tons and tons more about anxiety on this little site right here.

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