A Very Malibu Mother’s Day

I wasn’t going to do a Mother’s Day gift guide this year. Because I forgot. And now it’s almost Mother’s Day. But while wandering around Malibu this weekend with Alisa and Erin (who are visiting from San Jose and bringing me alllll the wonderful feelings), I found so many cool things that I need to show you, so: here is your Very Malibu Mother’s Day Gift Guide. (Just maybe choose expedited shipping at checkout, k?)

P.S. Obviously the very best Mother’s Day you could possibly give to a person who is about to become a mother is this.

P.P.S. And obviously the very best Mother’s Day gift you could possibly give to literally anyone, forever and always, is this.

P.P.P.S. Also if you need a Mother’s Day card – which you do – you need a LovePop card. They’re amazing.

Alright, now we can start.


Wildfox Castaway "Sweater" (But Really A Dress)

I. Love. This.

We went into the Wildfox store in Malibu not planning to buy anything, but clearly I was going home with this baby (especially when I saw that it was on sale).

I think it’s technically a sweater – I mean, that’s what it’s called on the website – but when I asked the twenty-year-old behind the counter what it was she said, “That’s a dress.” Good enough for me! (I bought a size large.)


Nubra Strapless, Backless Bra

I don’t mind a little exposed bra strap in my life, but there are times when it’s advisable to…not do that.

I didn’t try this out, but I am dying to.


LoveStitch Beach Kimono

These kimonos come in tons of different patterns and colors, and they are perfection. Lightweight and flowy and just enough coverage to make you feel actually covered.


Disposable Placemats

For summer entertaining! So cute! SO SMART.


PJ Salvage Sweatpants

Oh my god these are so soft.


Child Of Wild Velvet Spellbook

For the witch you love most.


Melamine "Paper Plates"


(This is actually what I would like for my own Mother’s Day, if my Mother’s Day this year was not about to consist of a six-hour drive back from San Jose with two children.)


Little Puzzle Thing Tonkatsu Ramen

It’s a ramen puzzle. That is all.


Rope Incense

…Is this a thing? I’ve never heard of this.

Obviously I like it though.


Go Your Own Way Keychain

I actually bought this as an early Father’s Day present for Kendrick, just because I saw it and loved it so much. (Don’t worry, I was married to the man for  ten years and can say with absolute certainty that he does not read my gift guides, and certainly not all the way to the end.) Just beautiful.

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