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Reblonding at Chris McMillan

Supporting evidence for my ongoing insistence that you should try Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: this photo. Spoiler: My skin does not look like this when I wake up in the morning. (I wear shade 5.5, if that’s helpful.)

For those of you with elementary school-aged kids: My son just tore through the Goosebumps and Press Start series, and is moving on to the Notebook of Doom series, which came highly recommended by a friend. Any other really great early reader series recommendations would be amazing, if you have them!

I discovered Paintillio – a company that creates custom photorealistic paint-by-numbers kits for adults – via Love Maegan’s Instagram feed, and now I NEED TO DO THIS. The only reason why I haven’t ordered one already is that I am so paralyzed by excitement that I have been rendered utterly incapable of choosing which photograph I want to paint.

This sheath dress is just so perfect.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! If you want to make your own for any reason (…the Gram? I dunno), here’s my recipe for homemade Thin Mints, and another for homemade Samoas.

Book recommendation for you: This Is How It Always Is, about a family raising a transgender child. Listen to it on Audible, if you can – I don’t always love listening to books, but the woman who reads this one is wonderful.

Francesca bought me a spa hair band with a picture of a depressed egg on it.

She also told me that this is the absolute best moisturizing balm on the planet – it’s for your eyes, but you can use it everywhere – and I just ordered one. Thought you’d like to know.

fabfitfun box review

Omg my cat. Also in this photo: my very first @fabfitfun box. It actually does not make sense how you can pay $49.95 and receive that much product – and we’re not talking, like, bitty samples: We’re talking S’well bottles and Ouai products and A JUMPROPE (and much more). I know. (If you want to try it, you can use code RG for $10 off of your first box.)

My birthday is coming up. You know what I want? This. (So much so that I just went ahead and bought it for myself.)

For all the masses just CLAMORING to watch a beginner flop around in aerial dance class…ta da. (No but seriously I LOVE IT. And ok, I may not be floating through the air with the greatest of ease – but I am also a 37-year-old divorcee who finally found her sport. So those videos are just gonna keep on coming.)

Remember how I was going on about Riddle perfume oil? The company saw my post and sent over their body oil, so now I have alllllll the delicious layering action going on. I’m like 99% certain that these products are going onto my must-always-keep-on-hand list.

I am a weirdo about beef jerky and love it madly (especially on road trips), but also…you know, it’s beef jerky. There is a part of my brain that rebels against its basic essence. Enter Shrooms. Beef jerky, except mushrooms. Yes.

go greek yogurt greek salad olives

Recent discovery: Go Greek Yogurt shops, which are sort of like Pinkberries, but healthier. You choose your yogurt (regular or frozen), then add on whatever toppings you want. What you see here is one of their savory mixes –  essentially a yogurt-y Greek salad (olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, sea salt, olive oil). It was ridiiiiiiiiiculously good.

OBSESSED with the new Splendid x Gray Malin collaboration. Favorite piece: The lifeguard joggers.

Sooooooo I finally figured out what to do for Spring Break – my first on my own with the kids – and the answer turned out to be “whatever’s left.” I super dropped the ball and waited farrrrr too long to investigate options, so by the time I did virtually everywhere I tried was booked up. So I called Apple Vacations – essentially all-inclusive travel agents – and had them find me the only room left in the only resort in all of Mexico and the Caribbean. (Kidding. But only slightly.) Kendrick and I used them to book an all-inclusive vacation a decade ago, and they’re actually a pretty great “I have no idea where to go or what to do” solution. (Also my BF and his kids are coming on this vacation as well – albeit staying in a separate room. Yuuuuuup. We will discuss in greater detail later.)

I could never wear this dress because boobs, but it’s bringing out allllll my latent ballerina fantasies.

Here is a Dance Party Bath Bomb. It has Vitamin E…and an LED light inside. You’re welcome.

shop mgs swim suits

My friend Amanda’s swimsuit company makes suits that are the perfect blend of sporty and sexy. You can shop the one I’m wearing in the pic taken at the Desert Springs spa I visited last weekend here, but my personal favorite is this (kiiiiinda NSFW) one.


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