From an Outsider’s POV

Olivia here, again – while Jordan is ruminating on the beauty she’s seeing, I thought I’d come by and share an interesting POV; I met Jordan over ten years ago via her blogmates on NonSociety (fun fact: I designed the NonSociety t-shirts…weird) and when Jordan began Ramshackle Glam, I naturally journeyed over here and I’ve been a loyal reader ever since. There have been so, so many posts of Jordan’s which have hit me in the feels, made me laugh, and taught me something; but, there have also been posts of Jordan’s which have left me scratching my head or with my hands over my eyes. I’d thought I’d share some of my all-time favorite Ramshackle Glam posts, and a few which made me shake my head. What’s your favorite post of Jordan’s? Which Ramshackle Glam post made you laugh or cry? I’d love to know!

1. The Great Impossible is one of those posts I bookmarked on my computer and would read almost daily. I almost memorized these lines, “Because marriage is hard – so hard that sometimes it feels impossible. It’s so consuming that when it isn’t working, there’s no lonelier place to be than next to the person you promised to spend forever with.” It felt so nice to know other women were having similar thoughts, but also could come back from the thoughts and grow and learn. I feel similar about this post, too. At the time of reading both of them, I felt so seen and heard. Marriage can be tough, and it’s okay to talk about the valleys as well as the peaks. In fact, Jordan talks about the fact that ‘we don’t talk about it’ in this post – another fave.

2. When I was expecting my second son, I rarely remembered I was even pregnant. Oops. Jordan, whose second child is just a year older than mine had already addressed that topic, which was refreshing and very reassuring because #momguilt. Jordan wrote, “It rarely even occurs to me that I’m expecting another child. It’s not on my mind at all, and it was a thing that was very much on my mind every second of every day the first time we did this. And that makes me feel terrible, because I don’t want our second child to doubt for one moment how much we love him or her…” As always, Jordan says what we’re thinking and don’t say. Also, the ever famous Post You Must Read Before Having Your Second Child. Always tugs at my heart.

3. On a lighter note, I’m the worst baker ever, but have saved so many of Jordan’s recipes to my phone because I find them approachable – and able-to-be-messed-up-and-still-taste-good – very Ramshackle, right? Some of my faves are her two ingredient Nutella brownies (yes, they’re really easy and really that good), 4 ingredient chicken chili tacos (kids love these), spinach and salmon pasta (yum), and 5 minute chocolate banana cream pie (which is a favorite of my father in law’s).

4. Now, as much as I look up to Jordan and consider her a dear, dear friend – we have the total opposite idea of personal and home decor style. Like, total opposite. Over the years, I’ve opened up Ramshackle Glam to some style posts and literally said, “No, Jordan, no” out-loud. Case in point: her Socks and Heels fascination. Why, Jordan, why?

5. Then, there was the fluorescent eye makeup trend. I can’t get into it. Sorry, J.

6. Do we all remember the splatter paint sessions? I remember at the time squinting at these posts and really, really trying to like the trend, but all I can think is art project from summer camp in the Catskills. Not into it. Jordan however, was very into painting things neon. Maybe to match the eye makeup? Jordan will have to answer this one. However, I do love her kids’ rooms in the new house (that map!), so it makes up for the splatter disaster sessions. And, in her defense, she got me into the Sputnik trend and when I texted her to ask if I should get a Sputnik light for my office, she responded, “Always go Sputnik,” so I’ll give her points for that one.

7. And, lastly, I’ll leave you with some food for thought. Along with Jordan, I’ve been in the blogging and influencer world a long time, and I still can’t wrap my head around a lot of the practices, and the fact that you can…make a living as a blogger – it all seems so odd to me – and yet, I’ve seen it happen! Jordan gives a lot of fantastic advice to bloggers, but this post about making money seems to always be a little controversial and poses the question, “is blogging a career?” What do you think? I think the marketing industry has shifted so much these last 20 years and I’m curious – and very excited – to see what comes next.

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