Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The True Love Of Your Life

Alright, so I had planned to do a whole gift guide of suggestions for him, her, either, both, whatever…and then I remembered that Valentine’s Day is kind of ridiculous. But you know what’s not?

Galentine’s Day.

So instead of spending $300 on a prix fixe dinner on the 14th, my recommendation is to celebrate on the 13th by throwing a little something special at the true love of you life: your BFF. Girls rule, boys drool. Am I right?


Yarn-Wrapped Horseshoe

I have one of these hanging in my own entryway, and I’m obsessed. They’re all over Etsy, so whatever colorway you’re into, you can find it.


Salt House Apron

Because liking to cook and liking to be all fancy and fashionable shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.


Single Statement Earring

I’ve written before about how obsessed I am with Shaun Leane jewelry – especially these quill earrings – and he has an entire collection of single statement earrings that are all equally edgy and spectacular.

(That said, they’re also expensive. Here are a ton of single statement earring options at a wide range of prices.)

4/13 x Little Words Project Triple Bracelet Bundle

The concept behind these bracelets: You register them, wear them as mini-reminders as you go about your day…and then, when you’re ready, pass them on to someone else who needs them, and watch as their journey progresses.



You're My Person Mug

Francesca owns this mug. Three guesses who gave it to her.


Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

I personally covet the Saint Laurent LouLous pictured up there with the heat of a thousand suns (and they’re all over TheRealReal and similar sites), but if you’re not in the mood to be spendy, makes a cute knockoff version.


Evil Queen Boss Babe Candle

With bergamot and “a hint of cologne smell” (not exaaaactly sure what that means, but whatevs), this candle will (allegedly) “make you dominate.” Sounds good!


Elodie Unicorn Diffuser



Caboodles Makeup Case

Yes, Caboodles are back (SQUEE), and yes, they are as awesome as you remember.


The Healthy Sheet Pan Cookbook

I am allllll about this cookbook these days: The recipes are super easy to prep, quick to make, and – best of all – cut the dishwashing situation down to…one pan.


The Self-Love Pinkie Ring

This white sapphire ring represents your commitment to yourself, and serves as a daily reminder to practice self love and self care.

Wedding ring, schmedding ring. This is how you do commitment.


NIGHT Pillow

This pillow makes your skin better, makes your hair better, makes you sleep better, and makes you have better sex (presumably because you are gorgeous and well-rested). Sold.


Corgi Butt Pillow

Or, if you’re less into memory foam and more into butts…this.

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