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Current favorite food: Sugarfish. Current favorite place to eat it: In bed. Current favorite thing to wear while eating it: these legging-pants and this sweater.

Shockingly, all I could think when I read this article was, “Oooooooh.” Apparently I’m a displaced Park Slope mom. (The New Mom Uniform of Park Slope, via NYTimes.)

Current obsession: Laura Ashley pillows (and sheets, and throws). Allllll the pretty, feminine florals.

Ugg makes fur slides that you can wear in and out of the house. You’re welcome.

Oh god. This is what people do now? (We Asked A Bunch Of People Why They Ghosted Someone They Dated, via Buzzfeed.)

The other day my son and I were driving around, and talking about election cycles (as one does), and he said, “Well, wait, what if Donald Trump just says he doesn’t want to leave when his time is up?” Excellent question, kid. MSNBC just addressed it.

Refocusing away from that fucking MAGA kid and instead talking about the Native American activist who refused to back down in the face of a bunch of hateful children whose parents and school should be absolutely ASHAMED (sorry not sorry, that video made me sick) seems like a good way to find the positive in this. (The Power of Nathan Phillips’ Song, via Vogue.)

Remember how I was on the hunt for a great backpack? I found a suede Gucci backpack with a bamboo handle on TheRealReal and am VERY proud of myself. Suggest you check out their backpack selection for yourself; it’s goooood.

Little outtake from my last Freezy Freakies shoot, which showed me wearing my beloved color-changing gloves in yet another inappropriate situation (because the beach wasn’t inappropriate enough).

I want every single one of the items that this woman recommends. Especially these. For serious, where have these been all my life? (I Am A Woman Of Leisure, And These Are The Comfiest Things I Own, via Buzzfeed.)

I follow this rule not because I believe in it, necessarily, but rather because I already can’t follow my son’s coding assignments. (Why It’s So Important To Never Help Your Kids With Their Homework, via PopSugar.)

…Can I get your thoughts on Rhianna’s new lingerie collection, please? I want to like it, I do. Especially because it includes a whip. I just…don’t.

I literally do not think I could do this. But it sounds like a great idea. (My ‘1 Screen At A Time’ Rule Was A Game-Changer, via PopSugar.)

FYI, Perfect Formula makes the best sheer pink polish I’ve ever tried – it’s a bright ruby shade, but so sheer it ends up making your nails just look like they’re healthy and shiny.

Rosie Perez, Gillian Anderson, Fran Drescher, YES. (The Unsung Red Carpet Heroes of the ’90s Golden Globes, via Vogue.)

This sweatshirt is the softest thing ever – and the brand that sells it, Keep Nature Wild, is committed to removing one pound of trash for every product sold.

Sky Organics just launched a brand-new line of Castile liquid soaps, which you can use for everrrything – as a makeup brush cleanser, a household spray cleaner, DIY body wash, face wash, all-natural dish soap, etc.

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