The Hunt For The Non-Hideous Recliner

This is the Rolf-Benz 3100. It is very expensive. More options to come.

My friend Erin wants a recliner. Or, according to Erin, her husband wants a recliner…but let’s be honest: We all kind of want a recliner, even though we know that recliners are the furniture equivalent of minivans.

Erin wants a recliner.

Erin does not want this recliner.

So I decided to do a post on recliners, both to see if I could come up with a non-hideous style for Erin, and to see if any of you had suggestions that haven’t occurred to me. And guess what? I discovered that recliners do not have to be hideous in the least. In fact, according to West Elm’s website, “the modern recliner is a seat of beauty and wonder.”

Owning a seat of beauty and wonder just seems like a positive life choice. Don’t you think?

P.S. There is a part of me that is extremely excited to reach the point in my life (I’m guessing 70 or so, but possibly much, much sooner if the dumpster fire that was 2018 keeps on trucking) when this becomes a totally acceptable – even glamorous – purchase.

Let’s find Erin a recliner.


West Elm Henry Leather Power Recliner

My friend Morgan owns this one, and I’m obsessed. It has a power-recliner function that’s totally smooth and gets the seat allllll the way back for a nice, solid nap – but the best part is the leather, which is that sort of lightly scuffed, worn-in finish that just keeps getting better-looking with time and use.

(It’s also 30% off.)


Canora Grey Kevan Leather Recliner

This definitely has the smooshy, overstuffed vibe of more…ahhh…”traditional” recliners – but it also has a little retro ’70s vibe that I dig.


Winslow Leather Manual Recliner

adore this chair: It has a bit of a Luxe Goth feel, and could look totally edgy and elegant in the right space.

(An edgy recliner. I KNOW.)


Alcott Hill Henley Manual Recliner

This recliner is definitely a more traditional look – and not my personal style, exactly – but would blend seamlessly into the right decor scheme.


Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner

Affordable and compact, because even if you live in a postage-stamp-sized apartment (ahem) you deserve to experience the joy of falling asleep in your chair.


West Elm Spencer Wood-Framed Recliner

This is just super cool-looking, and has that whole midcentury thing going on thanks to the tweed fabric and wood framing.


Pottery Barn Irving Leather Recliner

Luxe but not enormous, this recliner is specifically sized for smaller spaces – and, like most Pottery Barn leather furniture, comes in a ton of different colors and finishes.

(If I were in the market for a recliner, this would probably be my pick.)


Milo Baughman Recliner 74

I know, it doesn’t look like a recliner.

BUT IT IS. And has three different settings, depending on just how flat-on-your-back you feel like being.


Restoration Hardware Maxwell Recliner

The priciest recliner on this list, but also arguably the closest to the Platonic Ideal of a recliner…while also being streamlined and modernist, what with the clean lines and the cracked-leather finish. Worth the investment, methinks.

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