The Fancy Pregnant Person Gift Guide

What pregnant people need are wipes, and diapers. Oh, and this book. But if they don’t have children yet, they don’t understand that really all they need are wipes and diapers. And if they do have children already, they might want a moment in their life that doesn’t involve wipes and diapers.

So. Maybe consider giving them one of these things.


The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People



Fearless Stretch Mark Body Butter

For use on all those parts that are about to get rather large (spoiler: it’s not just your stomach).

The Luna scent is a blend of French Lavender and Fir Pine, softened with vanilla and musk. Yum.


Goodbody Good Mommy Multitasking Cardigan

This cardigan is very closet-staple-y, but what makes it next-level is that it has tons of hidden buttons and loops that turn it into a nursing cover, pumping cover, and baby-wearing cover.


Colugo Compact Stroller

The Warby Parker of strollers – they sell direct-to-consumer and are all about no-fuss – Colugo’s Compact stroller is designed to be compact, lightweight, portable, and affordable. Aaaaand it can be collapsed with one hand, can be transformed into a backpack, and has shoulder straps so you can carry it hands-free (if you’ve ever carried a baby and a stroller up four flights of stairs to your walk-up apartment,you feel me on why this should be a standard feature).


Askr and Embla Sleepod

Developed together with midwives and doulas, the Sleepod is perfect for co-sleeping, napping, supervised tummy time, and lounging around the house.

And it’s super cute.


Rookie Humans Crib Sheets

These sheets are MAGICAL.


Au Liquid Gold

Mom beer!

Mom. Beer.

(It’s literally a low-alcohol, milk-production-enhancing stout. What.)

Also this product is goop-approved, so you know it must be good.


Nona Signature Baby Bag

In the high-end diaper bag category (yes, it’s a thing): this. It’s cute, unusual, and full of baby-friendly extras like a water-resistant removable lining, and two exterior insulated bottle pockets.


Louis Vuitton Pajamas

This has nothing to do with pregnancy, really. They’re just “price upon request” pajamas (!) and I needed you to see them.

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