Francesca’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Today, I thought I’d let my other half – you know, the one of us with better taste – go ahead and do my job for me.

The older I get, the more eclectic my desires become. I want things that are practical, and yet I still want things that are totally…not. Ergo, here are my very random holiday gifting suggestions. – Francesca



Essential Rose Life Rose Gold Facial Oil

Because oils smell beautiful and feel beautiful and (allegedly) help keep us young and beautiful.

And who doesn’t want that?


Noritake China Covered Casserole Dish

I love to cook. But I also don’t have a dishwasher and I do not like doing dishes. So: I am on a continuous quest to find one-pot dinners, and can’t wait to finally have a casserole dish to make them in.

P.S. Jordan can attest to how sad my kitchen equipment situation is. Last month I bought a toaster…and it was the first toaster I ever bought in my life. To drive that point home: I did not own a toaster until last month. (True story.)


d.RA Selena Jacket

Los Angeles winters aren’t exactly cold, but coziness isn’t location-specific. And besides, I can see treating this jacket more like a cardigan: wear everywhere, all the time, with whatever.


Noritake China Mini Bowls (Set Of 4)

In the category of Things I Want Yet Would Never Buy For Myself: Mini bowls. Strangely useful little beasts.


Tushy Clip-On Bidet

Jordan found this one for me, and I have to say: I am SO EXCITED. My family is from Italy, and I have always thought that the whole America-not-embracing-the-bidet thing is a completely inexcusable oversight. …Who prefers scraping their butt clean to giving it a lovely, gentle bath?

(Too graphic for an Xmas wishlist? Perhaps. But I don’t care. Sparkling butts for all!)


Nashelle Disco Chain Earring

Jordan introduced me to this designer, and  I’m super into these earrings: I always want a little ’70s moment to wear with jeans and a sweater. (And these are blingy while still being simple and chic.)


Sky Organics Castor Oil Eyelash Serum

I love the idea of having my eyelashes and eyebrows get all lush and gorgeous without using anything chemical. Castor oil is – for real – one of nature’s miracle workers, and I’ve used it for years for heavy nighttime moisturizing  (not every night, but if you can spare the time to wash your hair the next morning, it’ll be your very best friend). I once had a friend recommend spreading it “from boobs to pubes” before bed (yup); it hydrates while also detoxifying…and encourages hair growth, which is why this treatment is perfection. The applicator is especially great, so you can really focus the effects where you want them.


Hozen Belt Bag

I’m completely over traditional shoulder bags, and am absolutely in love with Hozen’s sculptural, minimalist designs. It’s technically a belt bag (a.k.a. fanny pack), but you can totally wear it as a crossbody, and I’m so into the idea of wearing this over a bulky sweater or 80s-style winter coat.


Best Made Co. Wool Fleece Jacket

For him, for her…or for him, and then her when she commandeers it.

Fleece is back with a vengeance, and this is the best-looking fleece around.


One Last Thing

Oh hi! It’s Jordan again.

I picked this book up for Francesca as a Hanukkah gift (and yes, I already gave it to her – we’re not in the business of surprise-ruining over here). It’s sweet. Like, really sweet. And if you have a BFF in your life I think you should give her one, too.

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