All My Thanksgiving-ish Recipes, In One Handy Post

Thanksgiving centerpiece by The Bouqs

This Thanksgiving, I will be in New York, with my parents. My own children will be in Ohio with Kendrick and his family, and so this year – for the first time in god knows how long – it’ll be just the three of us again, sitting around the table that we sat around every night of my childhood. My dad will rag on my mom for the turkey being too dry. My mom will dress up for dinner (but just a little). I will definitely screw up the Brussels sprouts.

I’m not sad about it, not exactly. Thanksgiving has always been sort of a crapshoot holiday for us – sometimes we’re with Kendrick’s family, sometimes we’re with mine, sometimes we’re with friends (and if you’re wondering whether looking at those posts I just linked to made me cry, the answer is: yes. obviously). So it’s not like there are any huge traditions that we’ll be breaking (Christmas is another story; I can’t even go there right now).

Still: for the past ten years, the one consistent has been that we – meaning me and Kendrick, and later the kids – are together. But I suppose this is what we do now, for this holiday and the rest of them: an annual dance in which all four of us are moving pieces, trying to find our footing in this strange new world where our schedules are dictated by court orders, and nothing is certain save for the fact that everything is different.

So I guess my parents and I will have dinner together. And then my mom will make me watch three hours of Dancing with the Stars. Afterwards maybe I’ll go out with friends, because I can do that kind of thing when Kendrick has the kids and I’m on the other side of the country. Or maybe I won’t, so I can get in a few extra hours of sleep.

It’s going to feel strange. And also very, very familiar.

It’s also going to be the new normal, so I think it’s time to start making the best of it. Or something.

On that cheery note: a rundown of all my favorite Thanksgiving-ish recipes is below. (HIGHLY recommend that quinoa salad as a healthy side dish option. And quinoa is not a thing I typically recommend, either highly or not, so you can trust me there.)

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