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Native’s Brand-New Body Washes & Bar Soaps Are Just As Great As You’d Expect

My friend Alisa has been trying to convince me to switch to natural deodorant for years. And for years, I have resisted despite the fact that I know that the aluminum in many deodorant brands has been linked to a host of illnesses, including breast cancer, because my only experiences with natural deodorants have been…shall we say, less than ideal. (OK, they were terrible. I have no idea how a deodorant can actually make you smell worse, but there you go.) 

But I’ve been hearing about Native Deodorant for awhile now – it’s one of those cult items that everyone who’s into natural products is all aflutter about. I posted about it on Instagram, asking whether anyone had tried it, and was stunned by the outpouring of love for the brand. So I tried it myself, and now I get it. It just…works. It’s great. And I especially love that the scents are subtle and unisex; I like the idea that one brand can work for the entire family (not that I’d share my deodorant with a man, but that’s another story). 

native deodorant new body wash and bar soap

So we’ve established that Native Deodorant is phenomenal – you have to try it, for real – and now they’ve come out with a brand-new line of body washes and bar soaps. Like the deodorants, they’re simple, unisex, and formulated only with ingredients that you can pronounce (like shea butter and coconut oil) – zero phthalates, parabens, or sulfates. And they’re also just as fun and sudsy (read: effective) as brands with less of a focus on safe, natural ingredients.

(Ok, ok, Alisa: you were right. I WAS WRONG. …Happy??)

PS. Head to Native and use code jordan10% – good for 10% off any purchase, limit one per customer. 

native deodorant new body wash and bar soapnative deodorant new body wash and bar soapnative deodorant new body wash and bar soap

This post was created in collaboration with Native. Photography by Kim Butan. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Ramshackle Glam ticking! 

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