Pink Pink Pink (And Productivity)

Sweater | Sweatpants (the whole thing is about $30)

Here is one of the primary reasons why Francesca and I get along so well: Because both of us view “hanging out” as an opportunity to indulge the most compulsive sides of our personality.

We do not vegetate. We multitask.

So yesterday Francesca and Brie came over for the afternoon, and within five minutes the two of them were on the floor helping me art-direct a shoot I had to do for a client, clipping the heads off of daisies and adjusting the light. Then I shot Francesca for a music-related project she’s working on, and the three of us plopped down on the floor and edited images while eating takeout from Cheesecake Factory and half-watching an episode of The Haunting of Hill House. 

Oh! And we decided to turn my office – which I will obviously never use as an office, being as I do 100% of my work sitting at my dining room table, like every other work-from-home person – into a photo studio with climbing vines on the walls and workbenches.

Omg, the PRODUCTIVITY. It’s so relaxing.

P.S. I love her outfit here, but have a feeling I could not personally pull it off.

P.P.S. See those socks she’s wearing? She asked me for “white socks,” and those ten-year-old greyish disasters were the best I could do. I have a feeling I know what I’m getting for Christmas.

francesca vannucci sabine

francesca vannucci sabine

francesca vannucci sabine

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