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I’ve been doing some shooting with French beauty brand La Chatelaine these past few weeks, and this (massive) tin of hand creams is sort of the most luxe (but well-priced) gift ever.

I’m sure this woman is very nice. I really do not want to be friends with her. (A Day in the Life of an HSBC Exec Who Wakes Up At 5:30AM to Work Out, Always Eats Green, and Studies at Stanford in Her Free Time, via Business Insider.)

Here is another woman whose life choices I can genuinely appreciate, and with whom I also do not want to be friends. (How an American in Paris Dresses from 9 to 5, via Vogue.)

Fun Fact: Minimalism is quite the losing game when there are 50,000 Imaginext figures living in your house with you. (Why Couldn’t I Make Minimalism Work? Because I Wasn’t the One Making the Mess, via Washington Post.)

Squeeeee. (Are Pigs the New It Pet? via Vogue.)

Every time I go back to NYC in the winter, I steal one or another of my mom’s big old 80s coats or scarves. Suggest you try the same. (7 Fall Trends You Can Probably Just Steal from Your Mom, via Who What Wear.)

Fendi made a sweater that looks like a vagina. Enjoy. (via The Guardian.)

I bought a new outdoor rug for the new place (buying outdoor rugs to use indoors is a highly recommended life choice, btw). This one. It hides everything, and I say that with utter certainty because my children have already spilled everything (yes, everything) on it.

Fun little suggestion for you: You know Tiny Tags’ nameplate necklaces? I’ve been double-wrapping mine around my ankle. Love it.

I’m pretty sure I am all of these. (17 Parents Who Definitely Owe Their Kid an Apology, via Buzzfeed.)

dapper crown willow dress

She is such a little crazypants lately. And then she has moments like this, and she makes my heart ache. (The dress is here, if you’re curious.)

Huh. Assuming there’s more drama here than meets the eye. (Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter Is Apparently Shutting Down, via The Cut.)

Omg, Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ Got Milk ad. My thirteen-year-old heart. (39 Pictures That Are So Insanely ’90s They’ll Give You Whiplash, via Buzzfeed.)

Baseball tees are the best, and this one is the bestest.

This video just makes me so happy. (We Are Living For This Dad Screaming at His Kid Who Brought Home a Stellar Report Card, via PopSugar.)

My mom bought my son the most amazing book for his birthday, and I just had to share it with you. Super cool.

On my fall wishlist: Uggs. (Really.)

…Oh, and new house booties. Specifically these.

So I lucked out in a MAJOR way and moved into a house across the street from a woman whose literal, actual job is to scour vintage stores in search of items to sell via luxury consignment sites (like TheRealReal). And who took my measurements the day after I moved in, so she could let me know if anything came in that I might like to look at before she ships it out. I KNOW. Anyway, I bought this top from her last night for FIVE DOLLARS, and it is sooooo unlike anything I’ve ever worn before (tight/turtleneck/cutouts/etc), and I love it. (This one is similar if you didn’t luck into a neighbor like mine.)

Tamagotchis! String lights! I like it. (Hands Down, These Are the 50 Coolest Stocking Stuffers of 2018, via PopSugar.)

Because it’s pumpkin season: My recipe for chocolate pumpkin seed bark is here. Here’s my pumpkin soup, and pumpkin pancakes with a Nutella swirl, and my mom’s pumpkin pieHere is a pumpkin pedicure (the blooper reel at the end makes the video worth watching, if nothing else). And finally, here is a video of me hating carving pumpkins.

Related: cosign with this in a big, big way. (Wanna Be the Coolest Halloween House On The Block? Stop Carving Pumpkins, via PopSugar.)

 This dress may actually *be* a potato sack, but it’s $39 and I want to live in it.


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