You Need To Know About Lorena Canals’ Washable (!) Rugs

Relevant to yesterday’s post, here is yet another example of why women (and moms, specifically) are set to just go ahead and run the world: Because we come up with genius inventions not just “because” (or just because our egos need a little stroking; ahem, Elon Musk, love you but dude, the “kid-sized” submarine?)…but because they are needed. 

You’ve heard me whine and whine and whine here for yearrrrrs about my simultaneous love of throw rugs and total rug-related phobias and/or catastrophes. I love the way rugs look; I love the way rugs feel. I do not love that they specialize in attracting dogs that want to pee on them and babies that want to throw up on them, because any rug that lives in my house must be pristine, or the aforementioned phobias come out and I have to sidestep around its borders like a weirdo.

I’ve bought cowhide rugs. Tossed them. Fluffy rugs. Sacrificed them on the altar of Virgil. Gorgeous woven rugs. Moved them to a “cleaner” spot, then to another, and then gave them away. And now I’ve landed on a semipermanent solution, using outdoor rugs indoors…except a) that seems wasteful, given that I have to replace them once a season, and b) that still does not solve my sidestepping-around-the-borders-after-a-pee-speck-touches-them problem.

Apparently Lorena Canals had the same problem, and then solved it like a ninja by creating a line of fully washable rugs (and cushions, and blankets, and rugs with detachable stuffed animals sitting on them). They are adorable (a bunch of my favorites are below, if you want to scroll down), come in a ton of sizes and patterns, are equally excellent for use in kids’ areas and in non-kids’ areas, and go right there into the washing machine.

(Confession: I have put my ordinary rugs into the washing machine before, in a moment of weakness. It has not gone well. But with Lorena Canals rugs, you’re not only *allowed* to do this…you’re encouraged to.)

I just ordered a couple of my own for the new place, and cannot wait to unleash all my OCD tendencies upon those sweet, sweet (sparkly clean) fibers. A few of my all-time favorites are below.


Bumbla Washable Tufted Rug


Naador Washable Rug


Monstera Leaf Washable Rug


Azteca Natural Washable Rug


Cactus Washable Rug


Milky Way Washable Rug


Vintage ABC's Washable Rug


Berber Washable Rug


Puffy Sheep Washable Rug


I Love Math Washable Rug

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