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Zara Two-Piece Jumpsuit; Iro Boots; Cloverpost Earrings

If you’ve been reading here awhile, you are aware that it takes a LOT to get me dressed, and even more to get me dressed up. If pressed to the extreme by my job requirements or by Francesca, I will, but I won’t like it. If, however, I am permitted to wear what amounts to a pair of sparkly pajamas and call it “dressing up,” well, then…fine.

Where I wore this particular outfit:


Well, that’s not exactly true. I wore it on my front doorstep. So that I could take pictures of it and show it to you, because I have two kids and my photographer, Kim, has two kids, and when we both have a minute to schedule a shoot we shoot as many things as we can, as quickly as we can (you should have seen my house in the aftermath, ohhhhmygoodness). The point of this particular shoot was to get some images for a client, so this outfit was just a little extra thing we threw in while we waited for some product to arrive, but that’s besides the point.

The point is that I need you to visualize this for a second:

Kim literally took these photos with her four-year-old on her back. Like, full-on spider monkey-ing while her mother popped up and down and back and forth and adjusted camera exposure and moved props into just the right spots.

That is so badass I can’t even stand it.

And Kim is only one of the many, many women in my life who are simultaneously running their own businesses, and raising their children, and managing their households, and essentially being their very own superheroes. Not only are they laser-focused on supporting themselves, but also on supporting each other.

It’s honestly unbelievable, and just makes me that much more certain that we – you and me, all of us – aren’t just “set” to rule the world…we’re already doing it.

P.S. I do hope to wear this outfit somewhere other than my porch in the near future, but my life at present is one big roll of bubble wrap; I’m up until midnight every night taping boxes and trying to figure out which toys my kids won’t miss if I pack them and they’re MIA for a couple of weeks.

Not that I’m ever super practical in my footwear choices, but two-tone booties would be a bit much to wear while bubble-wrapping dishes. Even for me.

two piece silver sparkly jumpsuit from zara

two piece silver sparkly jumpsuit from zara

Photos by Kim Ebbets, with a little assistance from her spider monkey.

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