Just A Little Career Evolution

As a wise woman once said: Let’s do the damn thing.

…Because why change just one part of your life, when you can change them all? Simultaneously!

So here’s my news for today: I’m starting (technically *have* started) a new business strategizing and developing content for consumer brands. I’ve been circling the idea of pulling the trigger on this for a long time – a couple of years, at least – and finally decided to go ahead and do it. And I have to say: I’m PSYCHED. Because RG has been my focus for nearly a decade now, and I love it so, but I also feel like I’ve learned a whole lot from running this site, and it’s time to expand and learn something new.


You know.

First, this is important: Ramshackle Glam isn’t going anywhere. I love writing here, mostly because I love you guys, and because writing here has become, very simply, what I do. I need this space, for many reasons – I think that’s been especially clear lately. But when it comes to integrated content (sponsorships, in other words), over the past couple of years I’ve become more and more interested in working with brands directly, rather than creating branded content to post on RG. I really enjoy the challenges associated with finding interesting ways to tell a company’s story, and my hope is that this redirection will give me the freedom to really explore the world of strategic development while giving RG the breathing room to be what it always fundamentally has been: a place where I can tell my own stories.

The site is called Influencer Wrangler – I wish I could take credit for the name, but I can’t; it came from a colleague who’s spent years working with influencers and has discovered, as so many others who work on the brand and agency side of the business have, how much of a pain they can be (oh, god, the stories I’ve heard). If you have thoughts or suggestions, I’m all about the advice-taking at this particular juncture, and would love to hear them. And of course, if any of you work with or for brands that are looking for in-house content strategy and creation and that you think might be a good fit based on what you’ve seen here over the years, I’m going to start taking on clients at the end of the month, and would love to connect.

Career evolution, commence!

  • lara

    Oh yay!! Congrats!! I went and look around your website and looks so good! you definitely have the experience to help company’s out. I guess I’m not familiar with the industry, but you will create the content and find an outlet to release it to the public since you won’t be doing it through your blog?
    Also, I now understand a little bit more the decision to move to LA. It is the perfect spot for this kind of business.

    • jordanreid

      My goal is essentially to work for a few brands as their in-house content creator – strategizing and developing a content plan, then executing it to whatever extent they need, whether that’s liaising with an influencer program, creating content for press or website publication, or managing an existing team and helping to streamline their approach. Endless possibilities 🙂 🙂

      (I agree re: LA 🙂 )

  • J

    Very nice! Just out of curiosity, is this largely the same concept as your earlier Sea Change branding studio? I remember stumbling upon that project a while back and thinking it looks super polished and viable. I guess the new gig is adding an influencer dimension (clearly), but I wonder how that actually plays out in practice. Congrats on the new venture, and good luck!

    • jordanreid

      Hi! The Sea Change studio was exclusively visual, and ended up not being especially well-suited to where I live – there simply aren’t a ton of consumer brands based in SJ with those specific needs. I ultimately decided that while art direction/staging/etc is part of what I do, it’s strategy and content creation that are my strongest skill sets. So Sea Change is essentially being rolled into the IW umbrella 🙂 (And that’s another reason for the LA move; there are simply more companies in the area that I think could use my services.)

  • SharonaBop

    Congratulations, Jordan! I’m a long time admirer of your work. You kill it on your own content, which I think is harder than content creation for others (because it is so close and so personal). You’ve got this! Looking forward to seeing where this work and life evolution take you. The old adage is true: change is hard but necessary. Thank you for sharing your journey with so many of us who can relate.

  • Jenn

    Congrats Jordan! I’ve worked with bloggers/IGers/influencers in the past and I have been *shocked* by some of the things I’ve seen. Super late content (or it never shows up at all…), half-assed photos and posts that could be about any brand, not to mention people who come in to visit us and are rude to our staff. For $500 worth of free product, we would get a two-word IG post two months later… I think you’ll be really good at this and I wish you lots of success!

  • antheapena

    This sounds right up your alley, you have grown such a brand for yourself with ever expanding knowledge & experience mixed with your hilarious & humble personality. I’ve wanted to say so much to you over the past couple of months regarding your life changes & haven’t found the words, I’m here in your corner though always cheering you on & sending virtual hugs. The house is tribute to your skill & style & some lucky person will love it. Let’s go, I’m ready to see you evolve even more!

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