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My Totally-Not-New (But New To Me) Discovery: Rothy’s

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Howwwww did I not know about these shoes? Seriously: it makes no sense. They are perfect in every way, and are in every way exactly what I’m always looking for, and it appears that everyone in the world except for me already knew about them.

My personal discovery came courtesy of my friend Tia. When she was visiting the other week she showed me her (adorable, pointy-but-not-too-pointy, toe-cleavage-y-but-not-too-toe-cleavagey, and, ahem, camo-print) flats, and told me that I needed to a) own them, and then b) write about them. Because Tia is all kinds of smart, it is generally a good idea to listen to her, and so?

Now I own – and am writing about – Rothy’s.

They were created to fill the void between sustainability and style – which is a tough one. I’ve seen plenty of “earth-friendly” shoes in my day, and most of them look, quite frankly, like potatoes. Rothy’s are made from recycled water bottles (!), have carbon-free rubber soles that (according to Tia, who’s had hers for a couple of years) last forevvvver), and are…

oh my god I love this…


And how do they feel, you ask?

Basically like you’re wearing socks. (They’re also super-flexible, so they’re especially great if you have wide feet.)

Now, I am a habitual destroyer-of-shoes, so it remains to be seen how long my particular pair will hold out, but over the weekend I wore my (red, camo-print, adorable) flats to an actual animal farm complete with chicken poop and such, and this is how they looked in the aftermath.

rothy's recycled plastic water bottle flat shoes


I’m personally a fan of the Point, but they also come in Flat and Loafer styles. And if you have a wee one…they make toddler and kid-sized loafers, as well (technically “girls’,” but I see zero reason why a little boy wouldn’t be able to rock these). AW.


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