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From my IG:

i had plans to go camping with my girlfriend and our kids tomorrow, but she had to cancel. i was already intimidated by the idea of camping with just us and the kids (and no husbands or other man-type figures), and so i figured i should probably just skip it too. i mean, for real: i’m pretty strong, but i can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how to haul out and set up a ten million pound tent all on my own, let alone do all the other things that camping involves, like starting fires and battling rattlesnakes.

but my kids want to camp. and this summer has been shit so far, and i want to camp too.

so i guess we’re going camping.

And we did. It’s been QUITE the trip, and I will obviously report back once I’m out of the woods, but in the meantime you can check out my IG stories to see how my first just-us-three camping trip has been going.

I am also going to leave you with this little gem, because clearly I did a time-lapse video of myself trying to figure out how to get up the tent. Spoiler: The “two-minute pop-up tent” was false advertising, to say the least.

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