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I was never a “mom jewelry” kinda person…but Tiny Tags are irresistible. (This is the “dog tag” style, FYI.)

Oversized bamboo hoop earrings. On sale. Yes. (Bought them.)

One family’s tale of living the van life. (The Ultimate California Road Trip, via Travel & Leisure.)

New discovery: KO Knock Out watches, which are (for fancy watches) reasonably priced, and are suuuuper cool, with collections inspired by graffiti, old-school subways, and industrial design.

Bliss – you remember, the brand everyone and Carrie Bradshaw was obsessed with in the early ’00s? – recently underwent a major rebrand, and I’m all about it. Especially the Mighty Marshmallow mask – I apply it to spots where I’m breaking out and leave it on all night, and find that I wake up with visibly clearer skin (that isn’t all dried out from an overly harsh product).

Totally obsessed with this super-sheer nail-strengthening gel coat – it’s the perfect shade of pink, and you can just reapply a new coat each week to keep your nails strong.

J.Crew partnered up with Universal Standard to create a simple, classic collection that, according to company reps, is part of “a much larger sizing rollout for J.Crew.” You can check out the collection here – everything is available in sizes XXS-5X. P.S. Ahhhh, this jumpsuit. (J.Crew Isn’t Launching A Plus Line – It’s Changing Sizing Entirely, via Who What Wear.)

Been there, done that, and I can officially say: awkwardest first dates ever. (Finding Your Mom Tribe Is Harder Than Dating, via MSN.)

zara knit striped shortsZara white pants with black stripe

I wish I could link you to all the things I found at Zara’s summer sale, but because the site is f-ing impossible to search, I cannot. (I found a link to this bag, though, and it’s great and looks muuuuuch more expensive than it is.) Just trust me and get thee to a store, quick.

“Are interests there all along, waiting to be revealed? Or must a spark of interest be cultivated through investment and persistence?” (“Find Your Passion” Is Bad Advice, Say Yale and Stanford Psychologists, via Quartz.)

Related, and equally cool: This New York-Based Modeling Agency Takes Body Inclusion to the Next Level, via HelloGiggles.

Hoooooooly, that is a large crocodile. (And yes, I was worried about it when I saw the picture, too – but apparently they’re releasing it into a croc farm so that it won’t, you know…eat people whole.) (After 8-Year Search, Australian Rangers Capture Massive Crocodile, via CNN.)

“Everything about the weeklong Caribbean cruise is meant to buff life’s unpleasant edges into sea glass. If it sounds like I am making fun, I am not. I love it. I love all of it.” (Cruises Are So Uncool They Are Cool, via The New York Times.) P.S. Read about my own Cruise Virgin experience here.

I’m currently on a home decor-purchasing moratorium, but…but…sigh.

Well, this is a new one to me: Apparently there are certain strategies you can use to take advantage of airline’s mistakes – literally putting the decimal on a price in the wrong place – to get crazy-cheap flights. (Error Fares Are the Airline Fails You Actually Want to Happen, via Travel.)

A “Fur Remover” broom, a kit that transforms your power drill into a cleaning device, and a personal air conditioner/necklace. …Sold? (45 Lit AF Products on Amazon That Have Reviewers Shook, via Elite Daily.) P.S. The title of this article made me feel positively ancient.

Hi, extremely flattering red bikini.

I’m usually in the camp of “buy only the things you’ll actually wear”…but it’s true that my penchant for collecting reams of t-shirts and shorts means that I often find myself in a situation with – yes – nothing to wear, because I’m doing something for which my go-to look isn’t gonna fly. The author of this piece, finding herself in a similar situation, went ahead and took care of it. (After Decades of “Having Nothing to Wear,” I Fixed the Problem, via Who What Wear.)

pop fizz diy bath bomb kit

My kids are suuuuper into bath bombs – it’s very literally the only way I get them into the bath on some days – and we just spent a looooovely afternoon making our own with this DIY bath bomb kit. (Seriously, it’s super fun. And includes sparkles! Wheeeee.)

It’s hard to find a sunglasses shape that feels really fresh and like it hasn’t been done to bits. Presenting: Sunday Somewhere’s Jesse.

I, too, have a postpartum shot in which I am staring at my cellphone. And it took me years to feel comfortable with showing it to anyone, so I get this completely. (Mom Was Shamed for Staring at Her Phone in Postbirth Photo – Her Snapback Is SO Good, via PopSugar.)

A (semi) solution to one of the scourges of modern life. (Why Are There So Many Robocalls? Here’s What You Can Do About Them, via Wall Street Journal.)

A janitor explains why he took a series of striking photos of belongings taken from migrants during the Bush and Obama years: “I couldn’t leave them,” he said. (The Things They Carried: Items Confiscated From Migrants in the Last Decade, via The New York Times.)

Oh my god, all I want is to sit in a pitch-black, silent room. This sounds amazing. (Does “Darkness Therapy” Work? via The Atlantic.)

six year old self portrait in pencil

I know I’m being That Mom, but my son drew a self portrait, and I think it’s just too freaking cool not to leave here for posterity.

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