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Niyama Sol: “Endless” Leggings

God I hate my feet. No matter how much I coddle them and coat them in layer after layer of Vaseline and foot acid and Saran Wrap and whatever else on the planet I can find to make them less hideous than they naturally choose to be, they are the Titanic.

I can initiate all the emergency procedures I like, but these puppies are going DOWN.

Yoga is basically saving my life lately, but there is one sad side effect involved: I spend a lot of time every week staring at my feet, and worrying that other people are staring at them, too (and being grievously offended by them, thereby disrupting their own namaste and such). So I’ve majorly upped my Vaseline/foot acid/Saran Wrap game…but have also decided that really, the best solution is to just hide the damn things.

Enter: Niyama Sol Endless leggings.

I was super confused when I saw them on the site – did the model just…forget to pull them on all the way…? – but once they arrived, I realized that they’re just extra-long, and tuck nicely around your heels, giving both an elongating effect and – yes – hiding anything that really should be hidden. And they tuck the tummy and lift the butt and do all the good things.

Another style I love that isn’t technically “endless” but can totally be worn that way, because all of Niyama Sol’s styles (or at least the ones I’ve tried) are super long and stretchy:

niyama sol rainbow stripe leggings


niyama sol rainbow stripe leggings

Look at how CUTE. (The leggings, I mean. Not my butt. Although I will welcome any and all compliments wholeheartedly, because when life is terrible you take what you can get.)

Also this thumbhole shirt is perfection.

P.S. Not sponsored.

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