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This post is sponsored by Red Baron, but all opinions are my own. 

Remember when summer was relaxing? I do! It was seven years ago, before my first child was born, and subsequently removed from my life even the vaguest whisper of calm. Now what summer means is that I have to do all the stuff I have to do the rest of the year, except now I have two people right there with me all day, and they need me to not do anything except for devote all of my attention to them all of the time. 

And usually it’s more than just two kids, because we are The People With the Pool. I like this fact a whole lot, because it means that I don’t have to leave my house in order to socialize – when it’s 105 degrees out, humans have a tendency to go wherever the water is – but it also means that I have a LOT of children running around my house preeeeetty much every day during the summer. And sometimes the children get overstimulated and crazy and their parents drag them home around midafternoon, but other times they are wonderful and playing together so well that we agree that sure, let’s all have dinner together.

And so dinner plans must be decided upon. 

how to feed kids at your summertime outdoor party

Red Baron free grocery delivery pizza pepperoni

Red Baron free grocery delivery pizza pepperoni

Accommodating the desires of multiple children under the age of 6 is, as I’m sure you can imagine, less than breezy. This child would like hamburgers and this child HATES hamburgers and this child will consume nothing but a bespoke grilled cheese made with hand-pulled mozzarella di bufala excavated from Moroccan tide pools, and you know what all of this means? 


Pizza is the ultimate peace-keeper, and anyone who provides it is baaaaasically a hero. And Red Baron pizza – seen here being inhaled by the wild animals living in my house – goes one step further, because they have such a wide variety of toppings and crust styles that everyone ends up all “wooooo! pizza! mom is THE BEST!!!” (The Classic Crust pictured here is my personal favorite, and the pepperoni is so good – just the tiniest bit spicy, but still totally kid-friendly.) 

And you know what? I’m not alone. Red Baron conducted a survey and found that 85% of moms agree that pizza is their go-to meal when their kids’ friends come over. 

Free Groceries!

On June 19 – aka 13 days into summer break, not that you’re counting – Red Baron is helping moms everywhere by offering free groceries and delivery via Instacart. (That’s right I said FREE GROCERIES. And pizza! Both of these are good things.) Just visit Red Baron on Facebook to learn more – and hopefully make your summer that much simpler. 

how to feed kids at your summertime outdoor party how to feed kids at your summertime outdoor partyhow to feed kids at your summertime outdoor party how to feed kids at your summertime outdoor party

Photography by Kim Ebbets

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