Me, If I Were A Sweatshirt

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Tell me this isn’t actually the best sweatshirt you’ve ever seen. Go on. See, you can’t do it! Because it’s is, in fact, the best sweatshirt you’ve ever seen.

Cynthia Rowley cali York sweatshirt two tone

Ugh I love it, as you can tell by my bedroom eyes.

That said, if you disagree, I put ten more sweatshirts I would happily spend the rest of my life in below.


Wildfox J'Aime Staying Home

Never have I ever seen a more factually accurate sweatshirt.


Tommy Hilfiger Track Sweatshirt

Look, it’s the athletic-logo trend! Except it’s not Gucci, so you can actually own it.


Wildfox Orange Sweatshirt

So versatile, so cozy, and so reminiscent of juice. Who doesn’t like juice?!


Zadig & Voltaire Rock & Roll Sweatshirt

It says “rock & roll” on it, and you know it’s authentic…because it’s distressed.


Daydreamer Smile Sweatshirt


(I’m actually not sure whether I really love the sweatshirt, or whether the model just looks so happy it makes me want to do whatever I can to absorb some of her happiness, like perhaps wear her sweatshirt.)


Wildfox Make Love Sweatshirt

So many fun suggestions on just one item of clothing!


6397 Rebel Rebel Sweatshirt

If you’re wearing a sweatshirt that says you’re a rebel, you’re prooooobably not. But that’s OK! Rebellion is overrated, except in the arenas of politics and baked good consumption.


Knowlita New York or Nowhere Sweatshirt

If New York doesn’t float your boat, this brand makes these sweatshirt for tons of places, ranging from Philly to Montauk to La La Land.


Madeworn Vintage Rolling Stones Sweatshirt

These sweatshirts are all vintage and thus one-of-a-kind (with varying colors and degrees of distressing), and so obviously they’re not cheap – but they’re also clearly never going out of style. Mick 4 Eva.


Modcloth Books Coffee Cats Sweatshirt

All the major food groups.

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