Presents For Dads

I would call this a “Father’s Day Gift Guide,” except Father’s Day is in like two seconds and I totally failed to get it up in a respectable window of time.

So let’s just call it a fun list of presents for dad-type people, K? Like for birthdays! And…birthdays!


Whatever, I like all of this stuff. And it’s Kendrick-approved.

P.S. Check out Kendrick’s gift guide of stuff you can buy to support local businesses in Akron, Ohio here.


Fjallraven Kanken Big Backpack

Cool 1960s vibe, plus super durable and functional (and eco-friendly and sustainable and all the good things).

I know this is a gift guide for dads, but I would like one too, please.


Vinyl Record Storage Shelf

Where to put Kendrick’s records is an ongoing topic of “conversation” in our house.

This would solve oh, so many problems.


Britt Garner Mug

Hey, it’s summer! Let’s call this a camping essential.


Adidas Original Superstars

Is it weird I think these are sexy?

I think these are super sexy.


MegaDad Personalized Comic Book

If there is a human male in your life, he is almost certainly a weird comic book person. It’s part of his genetic material.

Make his genetic material happy, and give him a comic book in which the superhero is Him.


Breadband "Wallet"

This super-slim, durable elastic band holds up to 15 cards (and cash), and easily fits into either a front or back pocket.


Voca Eyewear Sunglasses

This new line of eyewear has interchangeable TruTint lenses, and was created especially for people who want sunglasses that they can wear for athletic purposes, and then continue wearing wherever just because they like ’em 🙂

(Oh, and all styles are unisex, so if you buy the dad in your life a pair of these, you can totally steal them.)


KO Watches

These watches are SO COOL. And they look like hugely expensive watches while resting solidly in the mid-price range. WIN.

My favorite styles: the Dirty Collection, which is hand-painted with automotive paint (!), and the Underground Collection, inspired by the dashboardssubway trains. Love.


Stamped Bottle Opener

Points for accuracy.

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