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Lush jumpsuit | J.Crew sandals (30% off w/code SHOPTOIT) | Mulberry bag

Summer break is happening, and summer break means 24/7 contact with children who, if not constantly entertained, may at any moment start biting other. Or me. So?!

Time for an adventure. Specifically, an adventure in which we go ahead and invade Francesca’s apartment and life like a cannon ball, as we are wont to do. We ate sushi. We bought lollipops the size of our heads. We found a stand offering free glitter arm-painting for Pride Day (a good day, as it turns out, to visit LA).

And we went to the Tar Pits.

la brea tar pits what to do with kids

I used to go to the La Brea Tar Pits with my grandparents all the time. I remember it being exciting in theory, and perhaps less so in execution. My memories, as it turns out, were accurate: there’s a lot of buildup about mammoths (!) and sabertooth tigers (!!!!), and then you get there all ready to see some prehistoric bones soaring up out of the ground (or come on, maybe replicas?), and then you arrive, and walk over to the tar pit, and THERE IT IS!



A puddle of mud. (Or, as my daughter called it, somewhat confusingly, “juice.”)

But there are massive statues of giant sloths and flat-faced bears that can be climbed upon, and grass that can be run through, and the LACMA is right over there with its gift shop and Koons installation right outside. And so we climbed, and ran, and browsed, and wondered whether the monkey “balloon statue” was, in fact, made of balloons, and then we went home and had a pajama party with popcorn and snuggles.

P.S. I am obsessed with the outfit I’m wearing here, because it looks like it’s from Reformation…but it isn’t, and was SIXTY DOLLARS. Nothing in Reformation costs sixty dollars. Maybe a scrunchie or something. The jumpsuit is by Lush, and they make a lot of other highly Reformation-esque pieces with non-Reformation prices, including this red jumpsuit, this amazing cutout wrap dress, and this dusty-pink romper.

knockoff reformation jumpsuit one piece onesiela brea tar pits what to do with kids la brea tar pits what to do with kids

la brea tar pits what to do with kidsknockoff reformation jumpsuit one piece onesie  knockoff reformation jumpsuit one piece onesie

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