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Style Hack: How To Get the Vetements Look…At Costco

On Mother’s Day morning, Francesca and I were laying in bed drinking coffee and scrolling through TheRealReal (because this is our favorite thing to do, especially when Kendrick indulges us by bringing us refills and also toast and then segues neatly into mimosa-delivery around 11AM), and I said, “Ooh, search for Vetements.”

I love Vetements. I know I shouldn’t, and I know I would never actually buy anything from the brand because I obviously cannot afford to, but I still find myself lusting over their stuff. If you’re not familiar with Vetements, it’s actually a Paris-based “design collective” with a largely anonymous design staff, and is sort of an experiment in what happens when “real clothing” is worn “in a real way” (distressed, DIY-ed, abandoned, etc). Think sweatshirts. With reallllly long arms. And logos. For $2k.

So depending on your perspective, what they’re doing is either making wearable art, or blatantly taking advantage of impressionable fashion people and making a fortune while doing it, a la Derelicte. I am certain that my mother thinks everything Vetements makes is hideous. I am certain that it looks far, far better on people like Gigi Hadid than it would on me.

I don’t care. I like it. Mostly because it’s a perfect storm of fashion and sweatpants, which means it’s the sartorial equivalent of my happy place.

…Which, in turn, brings me to where this post started: With me asking Francesca to search for preowned Vetements pieces on TheRealReal.

“Oh god, don’t buy Vetements,” said Francesca. “That’s crazy. Just go to Costco and buy old man clothes and cut them up or whatever.”

She was not kidding. And so the next morning the two of us drove to Costco, puttered around in the clothing section for a bit, and?

how to get the vetements look at Costco


how to get the vetements look at Costco


Vetements. (Or at least Vetements-esque.)



how to get the vetements look at Costcohow to get the vetements look at Costco

On Francesca: Kirkland XL Men’s Dress Shirt ($17.99) | Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Chino Pant ($19.99)

Calvin Klein Men’s Briefs ($14.99)

On Me: Tommy Hilfiger Polo ($18.99) | Columbia Jacket ($34.99)

All items shown (except shoes) from Costco.

Total Spent on Two Outfits: $106.95


how to get the vetements look at Costcohow to get the vetements look at Costcohow to get the vetements look at Costcohow to get the vetements look at Costco

  • Olivia

    This post is genius.

  • Melissa

    Girl u high?

    • jordanreid


  • Jennifer Williams

    1) This is a really fun post so kudos but 2) I feel really old now because when I was a teenager my mom thought everything I thought was fashionable was “hideous” and….now I agree with your mom that Vetements is hideous…ugh. Have I aged out of recognizing what is hip?

    • jordanreid

      Vetements is DEFINITELY hideous. There are a few pieces I realllllly like – specifically the sweatshirts with the overlong sleeves, which are also hideous but hideous in a way that I personally am all about – but as an overall brand it’s really more of an artistic statement than a thing that people (who are not reality TV stars) should actually wear.

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