“Breaking” News: H&M Is Doing Home Decor

OK, so perhaps this isn’t “breaking,” per se, as a Google search just informed me that H&M has been selling home decor stuff for…ahhh…a really long time. But whatever, had no idea until yesterday, when my mom and I went into the H&M in midtown Manhattan and I just about collapsed from the gloriousness of all the pillows and candles and trays and mirrors, so we’re calling it breaking news anyway.

IT’S SO GOOD, you guys. How did I not know about this before?!?! (The answer is that the H&Ms in my area don’t have a home section, and H&M is one of those places that I tend to want to buy from in person rather than on the internet, so I can feel the quality for myself, so I’d never noticed the home decor section on their site, either.)

The pieces are chic and unbelievably well-priced – and there are a bazillion options for every room in the house, including a kids’ department that totally schools Ikea’s. And you know how H&M clothing is sometimes kind of “eh” in terms of its construction, and then other times you pick up a piece from them and end up wearing it over and over for years? The home decor items, from what I’ve seen, fall into that latter category: they’re trendy, sure, but there are also lots of more classic-feeling pieces, and virtually everything I picked up looked and felt substantial and well-made. I’m serious when I say that I could happily decorate my entire home from the line. (…And since you can get all 20 of my favorite pieces online, I just might have to.)


Leaf Tray

This iron…tray? Dish? …Decorative…thing? is a perfect example of what I said up there about H&M’s pieces feeling substantial: It’s heavy and detailed, and totally the kind of thing that you could have just stumbled across in an antique shop and fallen in love with. It’s also seventeen dollars. WHAT.


Round Mirror

These mirrors come in a few different styles, and are the perfect size: big enough to be striking on a wall, but small enough to hang in groups in an entryway or on a bathroom wall.


Hanging Metal Photo Frame

I have a bit of a picture-frame conundrum, in that my family shots are housed in a mishmash of styles that I’ve collected or inherited over the past couple of decades. Most of them are ugly and/or broken.

Solution: A gallery wall consisting entirely of these brushed gold hanging frames, please.

(Check out my video on how to create a gallery wall.) 


Printed Curtain Panels

I figured that the curtains would be kinda flimsy or otherwise cheap-feeling, but nope: they’re lovely and luxe, and come in unexpected designs. (My favorite is pictured above, but please also take a look at this grey pompom-trimmed style and this insane floral-tropical design that looks straight out of a 1960s Caribbean hotel room. I mean that in a good way.)


Ceramic Candle With Gold Accents

All the candles at H&M are good – I mean that; they smell amazing and come in the most adorable assortment of containers – but I can’t resist this green ceramic one.


Zebra-Print Tray

One for the bathroom, one for the bedside table, one for the living room, one for the entryway. ZEBRA TRAYS EVERYWHERE!

(Check out my post on how to style your coffee table like a real person, as opposed to a person who is about to take a photo of your coffee table to put on Instagram.) 


Jacquard-Weave Bath Mat

This bathmat is perfect for a guest bathroom – simple and classic, but with a sense of humor. (This design comes in a shower curtain, too.)


Oval Wire Basket

H&M has tons of gorgeous metal baskets in a variety of colors and sizes, but this asymmetrical one is my favorite. Fill it with magazines, throw blankets, bathroom supplies, whatever: it’ll make even a stack of toilet paper rolls look glamorous.


Stoneware Jar

I’m not entirely sure what this is, exactly – the website says it’s a “jar,” so fine, it’s a jar…but come on, it’s so much cooler than a regular old container. It’s heavy, and beautiful – I love the stoneware thing they’re doing – and I can see it working as a catchall next to the bed, or storing cotton balls and such in the bathroom, or even holding spices or sugar in the kitchen.

(Click here for my post on how to organize your unforgivably messy kitchen drawers.)


Stoneware Pitcher

Speaking of the stoneware thing they’re doing: this pitcher is perfect. Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect color (the spots are deep navy-blue, if you can’t tell from the photo), and completely classic.


Tall Metal Candlestick Holder

Give it a couple of weeks, and you’ll start seeing photos of my dining room table with the iron leaf tray sitting in the middle of it, flanked by a couple of these beauties.


Palm Tree Candlestick Holder

…With one of these mixed in, perhaps. (If you think they might look cheap in person, trust me: they look like gorgeous antiques.)

(Click here for the easiest centerpiece idea ever.) 


Wooden Bakery Box

This is so Joanna Gaines I can’t even stand it. That doesn’t mean I don’t want it, though.

(Click here for my favorite picks from the Magnolia line for Target.)


Glass Container

These heavy glass jars also come in pale green and clear, and are basically made for holding all the bathroom things.


Ceramic Candle (Cedarwood Scent)

Remember what I said about all of their candles being amazing?

Here’s some more evidence. (It smells amazing, but obviously you’d be buying this so that you can keep the container to use afterwards.)


Town-Motif Round Rug

This is a total ripoff of Ikea’s roadmap kids’ rug, but it’s also so much better. Love the colors, and the round shape, and the fact that it also comes in black-and-white, in case you happen to be a parent who’s not into pastels.

(If you’re in the market for a rug for a kid’s room, please also look at this hopscotch design.)

(Click here for my daughters amazing-if-I-do-say-so-myself bedroom makeover.) 


Stoneware Mini Vase

Eeeeeeeeee these stoneware vases are too cute, and are all a tiny bit different, so they have an “oh this old thing? I just picked it up at a street market on my worldly travels” vibe.


Round Rope Mirror

Have you ever seen a mirror with a woven, fringed frame before?!?!?

I have not.

(It comes in a smaller hanging version, too.)


Apple Bookend

The cuteness of these bookends (which also come in pink) is almost too much to handle.



Jacquard-Weave Bedspread

And finally – I get a lot of questions about what duvet cover I use on my Buffy comforter (which, as an aside, you need to own if you don’t already), and the answer is that I don’t use a duvet cover: I leave the comforter as-is, and just throw a coverlet on top.

Which coverlet, you ask?

As of today, this one.

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