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Oh my sneakers

A few weeks ago, Skechers asked me if they could send me a pair of sneakers from their Spring collection to try out/potentially wear in posts/etc, and I was like “ehhh, I have a couple of pairs of sneakers; I’m probably good, but thank you!” But then I went on the site to take a quick look, and excuuuuuuuuse me but what are those?

So I said yes, please can I try these out because they’re red, and now I know that they are also a DREAM on your feet. (This is not a sponsored post, just FYI; this is good old genuine enthusiasm talking here.) I have a feeling that the technology that they use to make them this comfortable was developed for little old ladies with bone spurs, but whatever, I’ll take it. (I went and looked up the sneaker info, and the extreme comfort level is apparently a combo of the memory foam insole, the stretchable, “sock-like” inner lining, and the padded collar and tongue.)

And they’re RED.

(And hiiii, there’s my inappropriately sized purse again, paired with a stretch midi dress, an oversize button-down, and crazy half-frame sunglasses I inherited from my mom.)

I liked how these sneakers felt so much, in fact, that I decided that, as I was obviously never going to choose to wear my go-to shelltops ever again (because I used to think they were comfortable, before I knew what “comfortable sneakers” could feel like), I ordered a pair of these in black.

all black outfit with skechers black sneakers

Blackity black black black

The first time I wore them, Kendrick said, “Oh! You look like one of those moms who does yoga.” I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that, partly because I’m not sure whether it was a compliment or not (I’m thinking…not?), but mostly because his and everyone else’s opinions matter zero to me; I freaking LOVE these sneakers and therefore have decided that they’re adorable. (Extremely important note: They are not, however, waterproof. Like, not even the tiniest little bit; I wore them in a light rain the other day and ended up with my feet sitting in tiny, mesh-enclosed lakes.)

So now I am a person who wears sneakers with memory-foam technology and a flexible! lightweight! fit.

I’m okay with that.

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