New Release: Gray Malin at the Coral Casino

I’ve been looking for an excuse to post these images from Gray Malin’s brand-new Coral Casino collection (first seen and obsessed over during my stop into his office last time I was in LA), and I can’t find one. So apropos of nothing, really (apart from the fact that I guess they’re semi-thematic, being as I am currently on a scuba diving trip and there is water in these shots, too)…

Here are my favorites. (Oh that beachball one.)

P.S. You get 20% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter, just saying.

P.P.S. Just because it’s related and funny, see the hand in Gray’s Bon Voyage collection? I know that hand. It is my friend Paige’s hand. Isn’t that the most random thing you’ve ever heard? (I obviously begged her for a set of the coasters with her hand on them, so that now, when people come over to my house and drink things, I can give them a coaster and announce that I am famous by proxy, as I am close and personal friends with The Hand.)

gray malin at the coral casino cabana

Coral Casino Beach & Cabana Club

gray malin at the coral casino cabana

gray malin at the coral casino cabana gray malin at the coral casino cabana

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