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Call Me Rose

When I was a teenager, thrift stores (specifically the Salvation Army on West 46th Street) were where I bought virtually all of my clothing. I went through a phase where my school wardrobe alternated between vintage ball gowns (really) and pajamas (like, actual old man pajamas). Which was convenient, because vintage ball gowns and old man pajamas are two things that thrift stores do really, really well.

While I still haunt Goodwills and charity shops for furniture, I don’t really go thrift-store shopping for clothing all that often, because it takes wayyyyy too much focus and time, and focus and time are not things my children like me to have. When I was in LA the other week, though, I took myself on a little date – first to Body Electric Tattoo for some new piercings, then to the Village Idiot for rosé and cheese, and finally to Wasteland. You know, just to see.

On my last trip, I made what I’m going to go ahead and call the find of the century: a perfect (PERFECT) condition, floor-length Self Portrait gown. It was sort of hidden in a corner, tucked in between a few caftan-type dresses, which has to be the explanation for why no one found it before me, but now it’s officially the most beautiful item of clothing I own. It also looks like something Rose would have worn on the Titanic, so clearly it had to come on our cruise.

red floor length self portrait dress with rufflesred floor length self portrait dress with rufflesred floor length self portrait dress with rufflesred floor length self portrait dress with ruffles

P.S. If you’re wondering what’s happening here, the answer is that Erin and I passed a nightclub that was completely empty, and clearly had to dance.

I especially enjoy that last pose. So elegant. So graceful.

  • Olivia

    I feel like this would also be an amazing costume….

    • jordanreid

      …you mean for this Halloween, when I dress up as Rose from Titanic?

  • Tara Starwalt

    Oh man, all the twirls and swirls that skirt must produce!!

  • Cate

    Jordan! Can you talk about your piercings at some point and how long they take to heal? I’m going to Body Electric in May and want to be like “You’re the artist, you do you!” but I had a BAD EXPERIENCE with an industrial piercing that took months to heal (months of not being able to sleep on that side, waking up if I accidentally rolled onto that side, sometimes just waking up because it HURT) and I’m a little nervous. I’m guessing it was a bad job, but would love more info!!

    • jordanreid

      ok, so my body HATES cartilage piercings. hates them. I’ve had to take a few out over the years because they end up so infected, but I love them, so I’ve kept trying in defiance of all common sense. the ones that Brian gave me I’ve had the best luck with, and I think it’s a combination of his technique and his healing tips – he has me use two different dr. bronner’s products, and most importantly douse the piercing with neilmed wound wash multiple times a day (this is honestly game-changing, and he’ll give you some at your appointment). my piercings definitely still hurt and are definitely still in the healing process, but knowing my body they’re doing better than the ones I’ve had in the past, for sure.

      • Cate

        Thank you so much!!!

        • jordanreid

          tell him I said hi!!! (and send pics plz 🙂 🙂