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Lost And Found: The Most Perfect Lightweight Black Blouse

Where you at, blouse?

I somehow lost my absolute favorite blouse on the planet. You probably know which one I’m talking about; It’s a (now discontinued) NYDJ style that I’ve worn in about 9,000 posts since it first came to live with me in 2012.

I wore it while nine months pregnant with my son.

While hosting an event at Grand Central, to make a pair of plaid shorts and some thigh-high boots a little less bare.

Layered over a minidress.

To decorate my Christmas House.

And now it’s gone. I know I took it with me last time I visited New York, and I know that it did not arrive back at my house once the trip was over. I also know that my mother is very good at finding missing items, and she swears that it’s not at her place, sooo…I’m thinking luggage gremlins. It’s the only reasonable explanation.

Because not owning a perfect black blouse is not an option – and because my own searches didn’t turn up anything especially exciting – I decided to crowd-source on Facebook. And?! Reader Aja came to my rescue by discovering a blouse that not only hit every single element I was looking for (v-neck, super lightweight, long but not too long hemline, long sleeves, loose but not boxy, etc), but it was less than thirty dollars.

And it comes not only in black, but also in ivory, light pink, and QUAIL. I hadn’t known that quail was a color, but now I am filled with the desire to own many, many quail-colored items of clothing.


The word “Perfect” IS IN IT’S ACTUAL NAME.

perfect long sleeved lightweight black blouse

I suggest you own this blouse, too. It is – as noted above – perfect.

Buy it here. (Just go a size down; I’m usually a medium but went for a small based on the reviews, and it fits exactly like I wanted it to.)

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