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Oversized Sweater | Embroidered Jeans | Jimmy Choo Boots (similar) | Bag*

Francesca had to force me to buy this outfit. Not the sweater – that I was obviously going home with, especially since it was $29.99 on sale, and can, if you go by the photograph on Zara’s site, be worn without pants (weeeee); it was the jeans that I was eh about.

“They look like they belonged to Blossom,” I told her.

“They look like GUCCI,” she said.

They were also super on sale, and Francesca assured me that if I changed my mind about them she’d be happy to take them off my hands (she is generous that way), so I bought them. I wore them on the greyest, rainiest, grossest day of my entire NYC trip despite my mother’s insistence that it was NOT AN APPROPRIATE OUTFIT FOR MEETINGS, JORDAN (anything’s a “meeting-appropriate” outfit when you’re a blogger; we’re expected to dress like weirdos) – and I walked through the city feeling like I was actually glowing. I also felt like a celebrity because everyone I passed stared at me, but I attribute that largely to the fact that I was the only one wearing a color that wasn’t black.

P.S. If you scroll down you will see that yes, I am now a person who wears a FitBit. Who am I?! (I totally love it. It appeals to the OCD-ish competitive streak in me; I find myself volunteering to take out the trash just so that the little piece of plastic on my wrist will be proud of me for having hit my target number of steps.)

*The bag is Gucci, but I found it on TheRealReal, so I didn’t pay anything close to a Gucci price for it. If you’re OK with a pre-owned situation you can totally find similar Gucci styles on eBay in the $150-$300 range – just search “Gucci mini bamboo cross body.” This one, from what I can tell, is the exact one I own and is just $180.

oversized multicolored striped knit sweater from Zaraoversized multicolored striped knit sweater from Zaraoversized multicolored striped knit sweater from Zara

Photos by Kim Ebbets.

  • LK

    Hey Jordan,
    So this is rather off topic, but having read your blog for a while, and witnessed (albeit remotely) the move to Tarrytown NY to CA – I wanted to get your perspective on moving out to Tarrytown and if you would recommend it or other commutable locations, for someone with a growing family and finding space in Brooklyn a tad bit too hard, but still has to commute to the city? Thanks for any perspective you can provide!

    • jordanreid

      Hi! This is a complicated question, haha. I LOVED Tarrytown because it felt like a small, quaint, day-trippy town (and has good restaurants, great culture, etc) but was still close enough to the city that running in – or commuting daily – wasn’t a problem (and I personally loved the train ride; I’d get Two Boots and a beer and be happy as a clam). I also loved how close it was to so many other awesome New England towns – we were constantly day-tripping to great spots. It is, however, VERY expensive (and has very high taxes) – but so are most places just outside the city. The schools are good, but not great (Irvington’s are much better). The town, at least when I was there, was a little socially conservative and very white (or at least very divided along racial lines; the high school almost felt like two separate high schools in terms of who hung out with whom, which bothered me). But I loved the downtown area, small though it was, loved the people, and was very, very happy there (except for the snow, ugh). I would personally recommend it wholeheartedly, but it’s quiet, so if you need more of a scene or really enjoy going out at night, that’s something to consider.
      Also: call my realtor! I love her – she found my house, then helped me sell it, and has helped several of my friends with their purchases. She’s still a good friend, and is SUCH a straight shooter – she’ll give you phenomenal advice. – tell her I said hi and I miss her <3 <3

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