If I’m Missing, You Know Where To Find Me

The bathroom is still under construction, but once it’s done I’m never leaving.

Can I just say that I love my job SO. MUCH. I’m not sure everybody would be as excited about the subject of cleaning products as I am – I do get that I’m possibly an outlier in this department – but cleaning is soooooooort of one of my favorite things in the world (second only to throwing things out), and I cannot believe that I just got to spend a week getting all fluttery about bathroom-cleaning strategies with rooms full of people who are equally fluttery about such things.

The central product I was in New York to talk about was Clorox®’s new Scentiva™ scent, Pacific Breeze & Coconut™, and specifically the new Scentiva™ products that are targeted at cleaning the bathroom. The reason I joined the team was that I’m baaaaasically the exact target audience for the line, being a person whose bathroom is her ultimate nobody-bother-me-I’m-drinking-wine-and-watching-late-night-TV-clips-in-a-pile-of-bubbles spot – I literally take a bath every single night of my life (I know you don’t believe me. I swear. I missed my nightly bath for the first time in months a few days ago because our new bathtub – pictured above – was in the process of being installed, and it was very sad.)

Clorox scentiva pacific breeze and coconut spray

The fact that the bathroom is my Me Time spot means that I need it to be squeaky-clean at all times, because nothing grosses me out more than a dirty bathroom (except wet towels on the floor. SHUDDER). But this need is also a bit at odds with the fact that I don’t love the idea of taking a bath in a room that smells toooo much like cleaning products.

I first tried Scentiva™ about a year ago – remember this? – and I have to tell you: I was skeptical. In my experience, scented cleaning products smell like…cleaning products. With, like, citrus fruit on top. Not good. But after trying Scentiva once, I’ve stopped purchasing virtually any other all-purpose cleaning spray; it really is that lovely (and not overpowering in the slightest). The overall effect is simply freshness, and you almost have to want to smell the coconut, peony, and warm sandalwood in order to get a hint of them.

Have you ever seen such eager anticipation associated with foam bathroom cleaner?

And! It comes in a multi-surface cleaning spray, disinfecting wipes (hooray), an aerosol foam that you can use when you are crunched for time and you need an easy and quick clean (just spray it on as pictured above, wait a bit, and tilt the shower head to rinse it off), a toilet bowl cleaner, and – this is GENIUS – toilet wand refills. WHO DOESN’T WANT A PACIFIC BREEZE & COCONUT™-SCENTED TOILET?

No one.

P.S. Do you have one of those wands with disposable scrubby things? If you don’t, please get one: it is such a game-changer, and means you never have to feel your skin crawl while looking at your toilet brush and imagining what might be sitting on it ever again: you just pop on a refill, clean the toilet, toss it, and hide the wand handle away in a drawer. Genius genius genius.

Clorox scentiva pacific breeze and coconut sprayClorox scentiva pacific breeze and coconut spray

This post was created in collaboration with Clorox.

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