…These Are Different, Okay?

This is the general look I’m going for in our hall bath.

(Minus…you know, the space and light, because my bathroom is a cave.)

I’ve started working on our (first) bathroom renovation, and am paralyzed by the most ludicrous of decisions, so I’m going to have to ask for your help. I’m trying to pick out a white vanity, and I can’t do it: I’ve spent hours and hours scrolling through websites past bazillions of different options, and am super annoyed at myself for wasting this much time on something when I need to be doing other things that aren’t ridiculous, like going to sleep at a normal hour or finishing Fire and Fury. Except for some reason I cannot make a selection, because a) bathroom vanities are something that I have literally never in my life given any thought to, and b) oh my god, they’re so expensive.

(As are fixtures. Hoooooly. This is the faucet I would like – in brass, paired with this mirror – but I am also not spending that kind of money on a faucet, so if anyone has any suggestions, they’d be very much appreciated.)

Last night, while catching up on The Bachelorette (sidenote: my son and Arie at 5 years old are IDENTICAL, which is weird; another sidenote: Do we think that adorable girl who met his family is going to be a villain?!?! But she’s so adorable!), I got frustrated and asked Kendrick to help me.

Guess how helpful he was? Correct.

He looked at this vanity. And then at this one. And he said they looked exactly the same. I insisted that they were extremely different in many, many ways. He insisted that he was actually looking at two virtually identical vanities.

They’re DIFFERENT, okay? One of them has curlicues and distinctly different handles on two of the drawers. Jeeeeez Kendrick.

Anyway, help me?

The vanity is going to be next to a black clawfoot tub (oh yes), so I kinda want it to have a bit of a vintage vibe – but also look clean and polished. It also can’t be too big, because unfortunately a toilet has to go somewhere in this very tiny room. Can you tell me which one you like? And confirm to me, perhaps, that yes, these are all different (so I can then inform Kendrick)?





Astoria Grand Haslett 48"

Too much detailing? Or just enough to enhance the vibe of the clawfoot?


Virtu Tiffany 48" Single Sink

This is big – 48″ is the outer limit of where I can go with the space – but I think it’s so pretty. It comes with a mirror, though, which I don’t want or need. (And I know you can buy cabinet-only, but I do want the top included so I don’t have to go get a slab cut.)


Silkroad Exclusive 45"

A couple of my friends have said that they like this one the most because it’s simple and won’t distract from the tub and the tile – but that the jutting-out sink still makes it feel a bit unique.


Virtu Huntshire 40"

This is the one I’m leaning towards the most at the moment: I like the square sink and the carved details. (But it also comes with a mirror. This one’s pretty enough that I could probably sell it or use it elsewhere, though.)


Ariel Cambridge 43"

I think this one may be too boring for me, but the offset sink works really well for the space. And it’s simple.


Ove Decors York Vanity 36"

Of all the people I’ve shown this vanity to, I appear to be the only one who likes it. Which prooooobably means something (like “don’t get it”)?

  • Kathryn

    I like the Huntshire too, but I’d go for the Tiffany – it feels less heavy. (We just did a renovation too, and I feel you: this is such a weirdly hard decision to make.)

  • Caroline

    From my experience, preconstructed vanities are AWFUL -all of them- and even if quality are overpriced. The best option to get something that works, you like -and most importantly FITS- is to have your contractor or a carpenter make one for you then buy a cheap marble top and sink. Design it yourself. You can do it and it will be worlds better than something you’d buy.

    • jordanreid

      I was actually circling the idea of making an antique dresser into a vanity (taking off the top and adding a sink), but since I don’t have tons of time to spend browsing around in antique shops it’s been a little daunting to think about.

  • Tess

    First of all, they are all completely different – obviously – and I would go for 2, 3, or 5 if you want to achieve the same look as in your inspiration photo.

    • jordanreid

      lol, thank you! OBVIOUSLY.
      I’m starting to think #2 might be the best pick – my contractor and I just realized we might be able to push one of the walls out a bit to make the space bigger, so the 48″ hopefully wouldn’t feel crowded.


    I like the Tiffany, Silk Road, and Huntshire best. But I urge you to tape it all out in your home (or draw/ have it drawn to scale) so that you don’t overstuff the space. You mentioned that this is a hall bathroom- who is the bath intended for?

    • jordanreid

      well, the hall bath is the one that guests, my kids, and virtually everyone except kendrick uses, but it’s also the one I use most often (because our other bathroom doesn’t have a bath, and also because it’s really cramped and not relaxing in the slightest). I’ve been taping out the measurements, but I actually just booked an appt with Home Depot (who happens to sell several of these vanities) so that I can map it out with someone more technically capable in this regard than I 🙂

  • Anya Wyers

    I like the Virtu Huntshire! You said yourself you want something vintage but clean and polished and I think this one is clean and polished fist but with slight details, including the hardware, that support a vintage look and are kind of fun. Also, it’s on the smaller side. Which you said is also important!

    Good luck!

  • jordanreid
  • Tammy Himes

    I vote 2. It’s classic so it will age well (won’t look trendy or out of style in 10 years).

  • Heather Jones
    • jordanreid

      I like those! they’re a little bulkier than the one I was looking at but could work with some of the heavier-feeling vanities.

  • Sonni Abatta

    Ooooh, I like 3, the Silkroad option. The curve in the sink mimics the tub, and I tend to agree with your friends’ opinions that its simplicity is a good offset for the tub, which I presume you want to be the major statement piece of the room. Al beautiful though! Good luck! (Side note: Speaming if bathrooms, my husband is at a home show today and has been sending me pics from the Kohler display and I’m all… “Ooh, faucet porn!” Their Kallista line is BONKERS. And yes I know I’m weird for liking fixtures this much.)

    • jordanreid

      just googled kallista. AHHHH.

  • Kimberly ✌️

    The last one is fantastic and would really complement the tub! I love it!

  • Heather

    To me, Silkroad seems like the clear choice. Small, visually quiet (to let the tub shine) and I actually think the jutted out sink would make it easier for two kids to brush teeth at the same time.

  • Dena

    Kind of with Kendrick on this one. *cringe*

    • jordanreid

      ha! NOOOOOOOO!

  • ladyjane


    2 is amazing, and it also will help you feel more like the inspiration photo. That being said I think 4 is the best combination of both aesthetic directions you are looking at here. With both you can always sell the extra mirror on Craig’s List.

  • Virtu Tiffany, a million times over! And as someone who recently did a full master bathroom reno a) on a budget and b) in a small space, I know all about this. This option looks most versatile, sleek and, if for some reason other things about your tastes change, it can transition from modern to shabby chic to vintage, glam… depending on hardware, faucet, etc.
    I also think that it looks like it has great storage space!

  • Virtu Tiffany or Ariel Cambridge I’d say. They’re the best of all things and have good storage.

    If you wanna go weird you could do Astoria Grand Haslett, but the fixtures kinda suck so they’d have to go. The others have sad storage that will bum you out. The tub sounds amazzzing.

  • I like the Tiffany one. It is the most classic and timeless. You can accessorize with art and shower curtains and other decor/styling details to get a fresh look, without completely redoing your bathroom. Timeless is also a great goal bc it has broader appeal if/when you go to sell. The others have details on them that I find distracting. I also like the Ariel. The only reason I like the Tiffany more is because of the hardware. The Ariel has a more contemporary/modern vibe due to the knobs, and I prefer something a bit more classic.

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