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I wore this outfit for far too many hours in a row while traveling last week, thanks to the absent luggage situation. Fortunately, these cashmere sweatpants (thanks, mom 🙂 are really good. And Drew Barrymore makes them! Weird. (Also pictured: Lo & Sons Seville Laptop Tote; completely perfect Hollister long-sleeved tee.)

I hate cold butter. Kendrick hates when I leave butter on the counter so it’s not cold. PROBLEM SOLVED. (Seriously this thing is amazing and you need to own it. Plus it’s French!)

The director of Moonlight got drunk on a plane and live-tweeted Notting Hill while watching it over the shoulder of the passenger in front of him. (It’s as good as you think.)

Can’t wait for this phase of life. Whee. (Why Your Grumpy Teenager Doesn’t Want to Talk to You, via NY Times.)

If you love speckled enamelware as I do, please check out Crow Canyon (mugs! cake plates! cookie sheets!).

To draw awareness to the problem of global obesity, a photographer traveled around the world asking kids what they eat in a week, and then photographing them alongside it. The shots (and insights) are fascinating. (What Kids Eat Around the World in One Week, via Time.)

Here is a fun, zero-brain-cell-requiring article about makeup. (An NYC Editor Cleans Up Her Makeup Bag, via Goop.)

If you’re going dry for January, this article has some good news for you. (5 Things That Happened When I Gave Up Alcohol for a Month, via MSN.)

The fact that Kendrick saw this onesie online and was all “Yes, my wife obviously needs to own that” makes me feel extremely understood.

Ugh this looks DELICIOUS. (Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Bread Bowl, via Buzzfeed.)

The Cut’s series of pregnancy stories is always interesting, but this one is searing. (The Mom Who Didn’t Want To Bring A Child Into the World To Die, via The Cut.)

Oh my god, you can lock up your Ben & Jerry’s to keep it from being stolen by husbands and children. (So This Exists, via Serious Eats.)

My sister-in-law bought our kids Zingo for Christmas. I’ve never played it before, but finally tried its over the holidays – and it’s easy enough for three-year-olds and fun enough for adults. Highly recommended.

Buffy comforter with eucalyptus filling

Remember how I wrote about Buffy comforters, and how completely obsessed I am with mine? The love is shared by my cats and dogs. (If you want to experience the fluffy joy, JORDANR20 gets you $20 off.)

I’m feeling slightly over Blue Apron. Not because it’s bad – it’s great; it’s just starting to feel a little bored with it. Curious to hear about your experiences with similar services (Sunbasket, Hello Fresh, etc…?).

Just because it’s a new year: go ahead and get yourself some baby feet.

I don’t think I could pull off a floor-length, long-sleeved Betsey Johnson-ish gown covered with rosettes, but oh man I wish I could.

Lots of the news lately is miserable. This is wonderful. You should read it. (Two Dying Memoirists Wrote Bestsellers About Their Final Days. Then Their Spouses Fell In Love, via The Washington Post.)

We shouldn’t be diagnosing the president from afar; we should be diagnosing him up close, and making the results public. (Is Something Neurologically Wrong with Donald Trump? via The Atlantic.)

McDonald’s is getting all fancypants. I’m so in. (McDonald’s Tests Archburger After ’90s Flop, via Business Insider.)

Cool, so my jaw is hanging out on the floor right now. (Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side, via Vanity Fair.)

This mug comes everywhere with me, and it makes me happy every single time I look at it.

I bought these very cute sweatpants for Kendrick because the “around the house” pants that he’s been wearing for the past decade are not okay.

Noritake China’s new line of dishes is gorgeous, and looking at it makes me feel like eating breakfast scones in a chic-yet-rustic Hamptons home with Diane Keaton.

vintage t shirt from the outset

Francesca found this distressed Zoe Karssen t-shirt on The Outnet a couple of weeks before Christmas, and immediately sent the link to Kendrick. (“…That’s what friends are fooooooooor…”)

  • Sarah

    We did Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. Not a fan. The packaging is ridiculous. Our favorite is a local company. Everything is organic and as local as possible, all grass fed, etc. There is virtually no packaging. A big box shows up once a week with 4 meals for 4, usually two are more like sides for our family. I love the recipes they come up with, things I’d never think about. I’d try and find a smaller/local business. This is what we use:

    • jordanreid

      the blue apron packaging REALLY bothers me. It’s HUGE. and heavy. (they did streamline it a bit very recently, but still.) that’s a really cool idea, thank you.

  • margaret

    last year I decided to try…ALL of the food delivery services. At least the ones that deliver to me in los angeles. the only ones i have continued are sunbasket & plated. sunbasket is by far my favorite. the amount of packaging can be ridiculous, but in their case, it’s all recyclable & biodegradeable, which makes me feel better about it. also the portions are ENORMOUS. i’m a single person, i order 2 meals for 2 ppl a week and can usually make 5-6 meals out of what is included – plus it’s mostly organic, and the protein portions i found to be way more generous than most of the other services. i hated blue apron becuase i felt like all they ever offered was burgers and pasta!

  • Olivia

    I feel like you SHOULD try them all – you’re a writer – and write about it!

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