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I put these images up on my Instagram today as part of a collaboration with Chapstick (featuring their Total Hydration Moisture + Tint that is the perrrrrrfect balance of moisture and sheer color, and their lip scrub, which is making my ludicrously dry lips much, much happier these days). They make me happy and I’m missing this guy today, so I wanted to put them here, too. (Also, have any other parents noticed that once you have children you never again have a photo of just the two of you? Like, ever? It’s kinda nice that once in awhile I my job gives me an excuse to take one.)

jordan reid and husband kendrick strauchjordan reid and husband kendrick strauch chapstick total hydration moisture and tintchapstick total hydration lip scrub and lip balm

Photos by Kim Ebbets.

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