The Three Most Swoonworthy Doors In The Whole Wide World

Mood board by Kim Lewis of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Remember my sliding barn door from Rustica Hardware? The one I installed when we first moved in and discovered that the master bathroom sink was located directly next to where our heads would be when we were sleeping (ew)? It remains one of my favorite design features in our house to this day, and so when I decided that I wanted to turn our garage into a multipurpose room that would significantly expand our square footage, I asked Kim Lewis – who recently designed the most spectacular collection of statement doors for Rustica Hardware – if she’d be willing to help me figure out which ones would work best in the space.

What I wanted: An industrial-style sliding door to separate the laundry room from the rec room part of the garage, and then a second door separating the garage from the dining room area (the one there now is just a standard white door, and I felt like this was an opportunity to communicate that what’s behind the door is worth seeing). The problem: the two doors will be located in close proximity to each other, so they have to communicate a similar vibe without being…the same.

rustica hardware's Marfa airstream door by Kim lewis

The Marfa (I went with the green for various reasons, but oh my god the pink)

What Kim came up with: Her Marfa sliding door (styled to look like an Airstream, and yes I am OBSESSED) for the laundry room, and then Rustica’s midcentury-style Bryce slab door – a warm, simple, retro piece that complements the Marfa without detracting from it – to separate the garage from the dining room.

rustica hardware midcentury modern slab door

rustica hardware's Marfa airstream door by Kim lewis

rustica hardware midcentury modern slab door

rustica hardware's Marfa airstream door by Kim lewis

They’re so good. I am so excited.

And even MORE excited because I hired a new contractor to continue (and presumably complete) the renovation, and guess what?! HE ACTUALLY SHOWED UP TO WORK YESTERDAY. Woooooooooo.

Click here for a Q&A with Kim in which she answers all my most pressing questions, including which door she’d suggest for which Kardashian.

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