Just Go Buy This Jacket OK?

This one.

I went to the mall the other day for a very specific reason: to get a new prescription from Lenscrafters, because I feel like my eyes are becoming increasingly decrepit and it’s time for new glasses.

I was NOT there to shop. I am 99% done with my Christmas shopping because that is literally the one thing in my life that I am always spectacularly on top of, and I am broke from house renovations, and besides: actually shopping in shopping malls gives me a headache (I prefer to visit them for the purpose of sitting in a dark room for a couple of hours with the biggest bucket of popcorn possible). And I REALLY was not there to shop at Hollister, because Hollister stores make me feel old (whyyyyyyyy must the music be so loud?).

But I was walking past the store, and this jacket was in the window, and I’m going to New York next week, and the jacket was so cute that I peeked my head in “for just a second.”

So anyway, I own it now. It’s PERFECTION, what with the softness and the big furry hood.

hollister flannel lined anorak jacket




And guess how much it was?!?!?!

(You can’t! It’s too good!)


(Well, OK, so it was sixty dollars in the store. Online it appears to be $99. But STILL.)

So, like I said, you should just go buy this jacket, OK?

P.S. There were a few other actually perfect things that I spotted while waiting on line and maybe bought as well (ssh). This flannel is the softest flannel on the planet and on sale (I bought a size large FYI), and this long-sleeved shirt comes in tons of colors and patterns and has a great, really flattering fit (I would ordinarily be a medium in something like this but the small turned out to be better on me).

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