The Big Activity Book…For Anxious People

Thankful for a lot of things this year, including the fact that I didn’t actually die from the stomach flu yesterday, despite appearances, and the fact that deathly illnesses are apparently a lot more fun when they involve a purring kitten on your chest. But one of the things I’m most thankful for of all is the chance to write books, and to see them on shelves; it’s a dream come true to get to call myself an author, and – for my most recent project, and the next one – to get to work alongside such a searingly funny, talented partner.

So: coming up in Spring 2019…The Big Activity Book For Anxious People, by Erin and me. (Never before have there been two people more perfectly suited to tackle this subject matter.)

To kick off the whole process (and to celebrate a bit), Erin and I thought we’d do something a little different. If you make a donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, you’ll be entered in a drawing to have the image of your choice (you, your best friend, your dog, a baked potato, whatever) drawn into the pages of the new book. Oh, and if you donate $100, you automatically get your image included somewhere in there. Support great cause –> be in awesome book. What’s to to love?!

support the national alliance on mental illness and the big activity book for anxious people


…and then just send proof of donation (screenshot, forwarded confirmation email, whatever works) to

(Oh, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Love you guys.)

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